Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Sarah Connor Chronicles Again

I watched a little more than half of the second episode. The action scenes started with Summer Glau and a Terminator throwing each other through Sheetrock walls in pretty much a repeat of a scene from the previous night's show. What's with this fascination of shoving people through walls? I stuck with it a while longer, but there was nothing compelling in it for me, so I gave it up.


pattinase (abbott) said...

Someone said it was meditation on motherhood (i.e. Aliens) and because of that I taped it. But based on what you're saying, it's a meditation on violence and I get enough of that. Guess I'll skip it.

Anonymous said...

Actually, once the big dusty fight (sheetrock is easy to bust without busting stunt doubles!) was over, it was considerably more clever than the first episode. It still won't make anyone forget BUFFY, nor CAT PEOPLE, but there were some nice setpieces, humorous and otherwise, and something resembling a plot twist.

And, clearly, Sarah Connors's ex in the series has a thing for English women pretending to be Americans.

Gerald So said...

I zoned out, too. I think it would have been a better show had Cameron Phillips (Glau) not been revealed as a Terminator so soon.

In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, for instance, Buffy had a crush on Angel (David Boreanaz) for about seven episodes before she learned he was a vampire, and even then he was a vampire cursed to feel remorse for centuries of evil.

I'm very surprised the Sarah Connor writers aren't going for the same sort of complexity.

Randy Johnson said...

Gerald, I think it's a case of the network not understanding what they have. "Let's just get something with The Terminator out there." They don't try to make it complex, just a lot of explosions and shooting.