Saturday, January 19, 2008

Poe Update

I'm sure I've blogged before about the story I wrote. It explains who this "mysterious visitor" really is, among other things.

The Associated Press: Mystery Man's Annual Visit to Poe Grave: "BALTIMORE (AP) — Undeterred by controversy, a mysterious visitor paid his annual tribute at the grave of Edgar Allan Poe early Saturday, placing three red roses and a half-filled bottle of cognac before stealing away into the darkness.

Nearly 150 people had gathered outside the cemetery of Westminster Presbyterian Church, but the man known as the 'Poe toaster' was, as usual, able to avoid being spotted by the crowd, said Jeff Jerome, curator of the Poe House and Museum.

The tribute takes place every Jan. 19 — the anniversary of Poe's birth."


Cap'n Bob said...

It's also the anniversary of the day I got out of the Army. Hooo-eee, was that a happy day for me. It is a little scary to realize it was in 1969.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone is really making much of an effort to tackle this guy that keeps "eluding" onlookers. no wonder we cant find bin laden. we cant nab this character and we know when and where he's gonna show up. i might have to take this on personally.