Wednesday, January 16, 2008

And You Thought They Were Only in the Comic Books

Superheroes in Real Life - City Pages (Minneapolis/St. Paul): "BY MOST OBSERVERS' RECKONING, between 150 and 200 real-life superheroes, or 'Reals' as some call themselves, operate in the United States, with another 50 or so donning the cowl internationally. These crusaders range in age from 15 to 50 and patrol cities from Indianapolis to Cambridgeshire, England. They create heroic identities with names like Black Arrow, Green Scorpion, and Mr. Silent, and wear bright Superman spandex or black ninja suits. Almost all share two traits in common: a love of comic books and a desire to improve their communities.

It's rare to find more than a few superheroes operating in the same area, so as with all hobbies, a community has sprung up online. In February, a burly, black-and-green-clad New Jersey-based Real named Tothian started Heroes Network, a website he says functions 'like the UN for the real-life superhero community.'"

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Fred Blosser said...

If they're out there doing something to improve their communities, more (super)power to 'em, whatever they choose to wear.