Saturday, January 19, 2008

John Stewart, R. I. P.

All you whippersnappers think of John Stewart as the guy do does The Daily Show. To me, though, he's the one who replaced Dave Guard when Guard left the Kingston Trio. The one on the left in the photo, he recorded some wonderful songs with that group and was a heavy contributor on one of my favorite Trio albums, Time to Think. He went on to have a great solo career, too, and was the author of such songs as "Daydream Believer" that became huge hits for others. He'll be missed. : John Stewart: "John Stewart has spent a lifetime writing and recording songs that chronicle the unique people and culture that is America. At age nineteen, John recorded an album for Roulette Records with his first folk group, The Cumberland Three. During that same period, the young songwriter had the notable distinction of having several of his songs recorded by The Kingston Trio.

In 1961, John joined The Kingston Trio replacing founding member Dave Guard. During the next seven years, the group released sixteen albums which includedthe hits Where Have All The Flowers Gone, The Reverend Mr. Black and Greenback Dollar. As a member of the Trio, he also composed many of the group's recordings including Road To Freedom and One More Town.

John left the Trio in 1968 and established a world following based on over 25 solo releases. His Nashville recorded LP, California Bloodlines was chosen by Rolling Stone as one of the 200 best albums of all times."


Floyd Garrett said...


John was THE MAN. He will never be replaced by many of us. There are no more words--just his music. Thanks for mentioning his passing in your blog.

All best--Floyd Garrett

Cap'n Bob said...

This seems to be the week for the passing of great people. Sorry to hear this.

Anonymous said...

And, fw little iw, the tv comedy anchor goes by Jon Stewart.

Wonder if John Stewart also had a Hawaiian background.

Unknown said...

I think John was from California, though of course Bob Shane and Dave Guard were famously from Hawaii.

DarkSong said...

I had the great good fortune to take pert in a song-writing workshop lat Omega Institute that was led by John Stweart.

He was a remarkable man. A great human being.

I love ou, John.

I will miss you terribly.

Anonymous said...

Ffarwel John, cysgwch yn dawel
Farewell John, sleep quietly