Tuesday, January 07, 2003

January 7, 2003: OK, so now the government admits that story about the five guys was a hoax. How much longer are we going to get front-page stories like that one before people get sick of the sham? Can't anyone see through this? And hasn't Dub heard of the Little Boy Who Cried Wolf? Before long, nobody is going to believe any story that's printed because none of the ones so far have been true. How long will they keep trying to scare us this way? They've already taken away so many rights with the Homeland Security Act that there aren't enough left to bother with. We're living under the most repressive government in U.S. history, but no one seems to mind. Except me.

Sunday, January 05, 2003

january 5, 2003: A few days ago, newspapers were full of the story of the five terrorists who crossed over into the U.S. from Canada. Their photos were run on all TV newscasts, and the word was out that Dub had a posse going after them. Then, today, we get this, from the Toronto Globe: "But yesterday, the FBI admitted that the most important ingredient in the story -- that is, the proof -- is nowhere to be found: 'There is no border-crossing information that would say they're here,' FBI spokesman Ed Cogswell said. 'And to say they came in from Canada is pure speculation.'" In other words, another Bush Lie, a total hoax on the American people to scare us, to stir things up, to create fear. How long will we let Dub get away with this lying and fear-mongering? Why can't people see this for what it is? As always, I just don't get it!