Saturday, April 30, 2011

Photos from WHC, Including a Couple of Your Favorite Blogger

Pictures from the World Horror Convention in Austin, Saturday, April 30, 2011 � Lawrence Person's Futuramen

The Dead Man

Matthew Cahill is an ordinary man leading an ordinary life … until a shocking accident changes everything. Here’s a free sample of our eBook of the Day The Dead Man: Face Of Evil by Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin – Just 99 Cents on Kindle! | Kindle Nation Daily

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way

Hacked Sign: "It appears some pranksters have worked their magic on an electric road construction sign near Galveston.

FOX 26 viewer Pamela sent in a photo of the sign, which reads “ZOMBIES ON MAINLAND.”"

Photo at the link.


The Republic: "Residents of a Savannah neighborhood say they want the city to make it more difficult for alligators to wander into their yards."

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Sequel Mania

Here's the list of movie sequels in the planning stages or even farther along. 95 of them.

Well, This Explains a Lot

Part of your brain might be asleep right now

New Poem at BEAT to a PULP

BEAT to a PULP :: You Keyed My Car :: Fred Zackel

Croc Update (Attack Edition)

American crocodile apparently attacks couple in a likely first: "If the encounter is confirmed as being with an American crocodile, it would be 'the first ever attack by an American crocodile in Florida,' Frank Mazzotti, a University of Florida Research and Education Center biologist known as the Croc Doc, said."

Hat tip to Jeff Segal.

Quentin Tarantino's Top 20 Grindhouse Classics

Quentin Tarantino's Top 20 Grindhouse Classics

Hat tip to Jeff Segal.

Keith Lansdale's News Site

Joe Lansdale's son, Keith, has a website that will keep you up to date on Nacogdoches, Texas, in case you were wondering.

Everything Nac | By Nacogdoches, For Nacogdoches

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way "A former Miss USA's claims of being groped during a pat-down at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport could be a felony under a bill gaining momentum in the Texas Legislature.

The bill would make it illegal for a security officer to intentionally touch someone's private areas -- even atop clothing -- unless they have probable cause to believe the person is carrying something illegal."

The Future Of The Internet In 1990

The Future Of The Internet In 1990


Tiffany Thayer, The Illustrious Corpse, Popular Library, no date.

10 Most Believable Natural Disaster Movies

10 Most Believable Natural Disaster Movies

50 English Class Classics You Should Revisit Later in Life

50 English Class Classics You Should Revisit Later in Life

And Keep Off His Lawn!

Experience: I am a 91-year-old bodybuilder

Today's Western Movie Poster

Brides' Books Revisited

Brides' Books Revisited: Weddings in Literature on AbeBooks

Hollywood’s Cars of the Future

The Take: Hollywood’s Cars of the Future

The Best of Everything


Friday, April 29, 2011

Joanna Russ, R. I. P.

Sweet Freedom: Joanna Russ died this morning.: "She had had a stroke or a series of strokes, perhaps as long ago as February, announced publicly earlier this week. She was a great writer, and one who had found her chronic back problems had kept her from much formal writing in the last decade or so...her last book of essentially new material, What Are We Fighting For?, Sex, Race, Class, and the Future of Feminism, was published by St. Martin's in 1998; her collection of literary essays and book reviews, The Country You Have Never Seen, was published in 2007 by Liverpool University Press."

First It Was the Thin Mints Melee . . . "Police said a woman bit her boyfriend’s penis during an argument earlier this month."

Take this Challenge and Help Tornado Victims

Tornado Relief Flash Fiction Challenge: Have you ever seen the rain? � Going Ballistic

Jack Daley, R. I. P.

Obituary: Bernard J. 'Jack' Daley / U.S. Steel editor by day, witty science fiction, fantasy writer by night: "To earn a living, Bernard J. 'Jack' Daley served as the meticulous editor of technical journals in U.S. Steel's Applied Research Department.

But a large part of his life revolved around writing and an enduring passion for science fiction, fantasy, horror stories and comics. His stories appeared in 'Infinity' and 'Fantastic Universe,' as well as a 1957 anthology of science fiction and fantasy tales."

Every Western Needs a Good Dancing Scene

Queens Leads the Way

NBC New York: "8-Year-Old Sells Loaded Gun for $3 at Queens School"

Top 11 Royal Family Conspiracies

Top 11 Royal Family Conspiracies

In Case You Were Wondering, . . .

Mail Online: "Mystery solved? Scientist claims he's finally discovered how Grand Canyon was created"

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In Case You Were Wondering, . . .

The Eighteen layers of Chinese Hell

Edgar Awards


The Lock Artist by Steve Hamilton (Minotaur Books)


Rogue Island by Bruce DeSilva (Tom Doherty Associates – Forge Books)


Long Time Coming by Robert Goddard (Random House - Bantam)


Scoreboard, Baby: A Story of College Football, Crime and Complicity
by Ken Armstrong and Nick Perry (University of Nebraska Press – Bison Original)


Charlie Chan: The Untold Story of the Honorable Detective and his
Rendezvouz with American History by Yunte Huang (W.W. Norton)


"The Scent of Lilacs" – Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine by Doug Allyn (Dell Magazines)


The Buddy Files: The Case of the Lost Boy by Dori Hillestad Butler (Albert Whitman & Co.)


Interrogation of Gabriel James by Charlie Price (Farrar, Straus, Giroux Books for Young Readers)


The Psychic by Sam Bobrick (Falcon Theatre – Burbank, CA)

“Episode 1” - Luther, Teleplay by Neil Cross (BBC America)


"Skyler Hobbs and the Rabbit Man" – Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine
by Evan Lewis (Dell Magazines)


Sara Paretsky


Centuries & Sleuths Bookstore, Forest Park, Illinois
Once Upon A Crime Bookstore, Minneapolis, Minnesota


(Presented at MWA’s Agents & Editors Party on Wednesday, April 27, 2011)

The Crossing Places by Elly Griffiths (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)


Steve Fisher, The Night Before Murder, Popular Library, 1951.

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way

One Professor’s Attempt to Explain Every Joke Ever | Magazine: "The writer E. B. White famously remarked that “analyzing humor is like dissecting a frog. Few people are interested and the frog dies.” If that’s true, an amphibian genocide took place in San Antonio this past January. Academics from around the world gathered there for the first-ever comedy symposium cosponsored by the Mind Science Foundation.

The goal wasn’t to tell jokes but to assess exactly what a joke is, how it works, and what this thing called “funny” really is, in a neurological, sociological, and psychological sense. As Sean Guillory, a Dartmouth College neuroscience grad student who organized the event, says, “It’s the first time a roomful of empirical humor researchers have ever gotten together!”"

You Know You Want One

BENTLEY RELEASES $1500 LIMITED EDITION OF NEW JAMES BOND NOVEL - Celebrating Films of the 1960s & 1970s: "To celebrate the forthcoming release of Jeffrey Deaver's new James Bond novel Carte Blanche, the Bentley automobiles is releasing a limited edition (only 500 copies worldwide) of the book- creatively packaged inside a case in the shape of a Bentley automobile. Each book is hand-made. Bond traditionally drove a Bentley in the Ian Fleming novels until the introduction of the Aston Martin DB5 in the film series eclipsed the first vehicle. Deaver is bringing Bond's driving habits back to their roots in the new novel, in which 007 once again favors a Bentley. The new edition will set you back $1500."

Hat tip to Steve Stilwell.

Today's Western Movie Poster

Forgotten Books Manifesto for the Dead -- Dominec Stansberry

Since I'm at the World Horror Convention in Austin, I'm reprinting a review from 2006. It's time I called attention to this book again.

You have to be pretty audacious to write a novel with Jim Thompson as the main character. You have to be even more audacious to have Thompson writing a novel with the novel. Domenic Stansberry is nothing if not audacious.

It's 1971. Thompson's in Hollywood and just about at the end of his rope. He's having marital problems, he's sinking deeper into alcoholism, and he's having problems getting work. Then there are a couple of murders, and he's the prime suspect. The book he's writing and his own life seem to be becoming one and the same.

I'm not sure anyone could satisfy Jim Thompson's fans with a book like this, but Stansberry comes close. The tone of the book is dark, and it spirals off into the kind of craziness that Thompson routinely managed. The excerpts from the novel that Thompson are just close enough to the real thing to be convincing, and there's some good comedy when the cop investigating the murders gets into a homily-trading dialogue with Thompson. It's as if Thompson were talking to Lou Ford.

The book is short, only 184 pages, some of them blank. About the length of a Lion Book, say, or a Gold Medal. I'm sure this is deliberate, and Stansberry manages to cram a lot of plot into those pages. The portrait of Thompson might not be accurate, but it feels right. Check it out.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Thursday, April 28, 2011


TomTom admits to sending your routes and speed information to the police

Dorian Gray Update

Telegraph: "An uncensored version of Oscar Wilde's only novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, has finally been published more than 120 years after it was first released."

Read all About It

Ed Gorman's blog: New Books: The Girl Who Wanted to be Sherlock Holmes by Bill Crider

Read all About It

Ed Gorman's blog: New Books: The Girl Who Wanted to be Sherlock Holmes by Bill Crider

Man Dressed as Cow Steals Milk

Man Dressed as Cow Steals Milk

Check out the pic at the link.
Hat tip to David Cranmer.

Michael Koryta -- The Ridge

PimPage: An Occasional Feature in Which I Call Interesting Books to Your Attention

Paul Levine's a member of the Top Suspense Group, and I've written about his books before (here, here, here, and here). Flesh and Bones, a Jake Lassister novel is available for Kindle.

So this lawyer walks into a bar. Okay, that's not true. Jake Lassiter's already sitting in in the bar when this blonde supermodel walks into the bar and shoots the guy sitting next to him. And then he becomes her defense attorney. Now there's a predicament for you. It's even more of a predicament when Lassiter starts sleeping with his client.

Another great Florida thriller from Levine. Check it out.

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Top 10 Underground Walks

Top 10 Underground Walks

I Didn't Know about this Car

Bobby Darin's DiDia 150 car is coming to Houston


Hart Stilwell, Campus Town, Popular Library, 1951

Work? What's That? "Feel like the office geezer? Age may be an asset at work, or no issue at all, according to an poll.

Nearly half of those born between 1946 and 1964 now work for a younger boss, and most report that they are older than most colleagues. But 61 percent of the baby boomers surveyed said their age is not an issue at work, while 25 percent called it an asset.

Only 14 percent classified getting older as a workplace liability."

The World Horror Convention

Yes, I'm on the way to Austin to attend the World Horror Convention. I'm not going in my Jack MacLane disguise, since I'm pretty sure nobody there would recognize that name, not that anybody will recognize mine, either. I'm just going to hang out and have a good time, or as much of a good time as an ancient geezer can have at these things.

Posting of the regular features will continue, and I'll add some other stuff as time allows. There might not be much of that, however, as I don't know what kind of Internet access I'll have or how much time I'll have for posting. I suspect I won't have much time for e-mailing, either. I'll be back home late Sunday afternoon and start to catch up on Monday.

Crime Runs Rampant "Police in Pitcombe are on the hunt for a vandal who defaced a poster of a local councillor by drawing a Hitler-style moustache on it."

Hat tip to Jeff Meyerson.

Private Eyes and Westerns

I have a blog post at Criminal Element today. Please click through and take a look, even if you don't read it. That way, the people who run the site will be impressed with me. Leave a comment if you feel moved to. Here's the link: Private Eyes and Westerns

Today's Western Movie Poster

Book Design at its Best - David Pearson

AbeBooks: "David Pearson is a design genius. Currently the art director for White's Books, Pearson spent several years with Penguin designing numerous successful series including the Pocket Penguins, Penguin Popular Classics, Penguin Reference, the Great Ideas series and art directing the Great Journeys and Great Love series. Needless to say, this man knows his stuff when it comes to designing visually beautiful covers for books. It's hard to say which cover is more beautiful. As you scroll down the page you'll fall in love again and again."

New Issue of Plots With Guns Now On-Line

Some good stuff, for sure. Click here.

Forgotten Music -- The Everly Brothers

Certain families just seem to have a knack for harmonizing, and brothers and sisters have played a big part on the pop and country charts for many years. One of the biggest duos during my formative years was the Everly Brothers, Don and Phil. They hit it big in 1957, scoring first with "Bye Bye Love."

After that, they hit again with "Wake Up, Little Susie."

And then they hit again with "All I Have to Do is Dream."

Three gold records in your first year ain't bad. Even their other release that year, which didn't go gold, was a fine two-sided hit. Here's one side:

They went on to become the most popular duo in chart history, with Don singing the low harmony parts almost exclusively and also singing most of the solo lines. According to the Wikipedia entry, they had 35 Top 100 singles in the Billboard charts, 26 of which reached the Top 40. They eventually had an acrimonious split and went on to solo careers, reuniting in the 1980s for some very nice albums, my favorite of which is Born Yesterday.

National Lampoon's European Vacation

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sounds Reasonable to Me

Man arrested for singing 'Kung Fu Fighting'

Hat tip to Jeff Meyerson.

Will the Persecution Never End?

iWon News - Paris Hilton, boyfriend accosted at LA courthouse: "A man tried to grab or hit Paris Hilton's boyfriend as the couple headed into a Los Angeles courthouse where the socialite was to testify against a man accused of an attempted break-in at her home."

Hat tip to Jeff Meyerson.

Ms. Lovecraft's Sex Ed Class

Adult content!

YouTube - Late Bloomer - Short Film - Sundance Film Festival

Criminal Genius of the Day

Speeder Makes Fake 911 Call to Avoid Ticket | NBC Miami: "Unfortunately for Rorech, the police have heard of caller ID."

Spenser, Continued

By now you've probably heard that Ace Atkins will be continuing Robert B. Parker's Spenser series. I like Atkins's writing, and I'm sure he'll do a great job. I think, however, that I'll end my relationship with the series with Sixkill, the final book written by Parker. I read the first one when it came out in hardback, and I've read every one since. It's time for me to move on.

Big Daddy Thug Has a Blog

The Sound and the Furious

I Have a Bit More to Say about The Good Humor Man

Crimespree Magazine: Guilty Pleasures: Bill Crider.


Thousands of Swallowed Objects Form the Chevalier Jackson Collection: "In a museum filled with preserved abnormal fetuses, giant and dwarf skeletons, and an 8-foot colon, what makes a cabinet full of safety pins, small trinkets and other random items one of the most fascinating exhibits?

For starters, each one of these objects -- and there are thousands -- was swallowed and extracted."

Today's Vintage Ad

If Barbie Were Real . . .

Proof that Barbie's dimensions are out of whack : The Mommy Files: "If Barbie were human-size, she'd stand 6 feet tall with a 36-inch chest, an 18-inch waist, and 33-inch hips."

Scary photo at the link.
Hat tip to Art Scott.

Death of the Typewriter Update

Last maker of manual typewriters writes final chapter - Chicago Breaking Business: "Turns out the Indian company was the last one known to be manufacturing manual typewriters. There still remain companies that make electric typewriters, and Eric Wagner of Wagner Office Machines in Chicago said the electric machines still get a good deal of use."

10 Horror Movies That Changed the Genre

10 Horror Movies That Changed the Genre


John Brunner, Black is the Color, Pyramid, 1969.

And Keep Off Her Lawn!

99-Year-Old Nascar Fan Drives Pace Car At NH Speedway

14 Serial Killers Who Were Never Captured

14 Serial Killers Who Were Never Captured, In Order Of How Frightening Their Media-Created Names Are

And Keep off Their Lawns!

My Way News - Number of 100-year-olds is booming in US: "America's population of centenarians - already the largest in the world - has roughly doubled in the past 20 years to around 72,000 and is projected to at least double again by 2020, perhaps even increase seven-fold, according to the Census Bureau."

Cool Non-Literary Uses for Books

Cool Non-Literary Uses for Books

You may have seen many of these before, but here they are all in one place.

Alvin Community College Is on the List!

List of 120 Eligible Community Colleges | The Aspen Institute: "The Aspen Institute is pleased to name the following 120 community colleges eligible for the Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence. We recognize that there are many community colleges around the country that are employing innovative strategies and achieving excellent results for their students. The bar for the Aspen Prize was intentionally set high in order to identify those institutions that have demonstrated high levels of student success.

In a comprehensive review of publicly available data, these 120 two-year institutions—from 32 states—have demonstrated strong outcomes considering three areas of student success."

Greatest Movie Pirates

Yes, Geena Davis is included.

Hat tip to Walter Satterthwait.

Today's Western Movie Poster

No Comment Department

Chemical & Engineering News: "In this glorious age of chemophobia, chalk up another victory for mass hysteria: Now you can buy the CHEMISTRY 60 chemistry set for children featuring “60 fun activities with no chemicals.”"

A Moment of Sllence, Please

Last Typewriter Factory in the World Shuts Its Doors

New York Leads the Way

10 Most Corrupt State Governments

Charles Manson Update

Charles Manson: Global Warming Prophet

Hat tip to Angela Crider.

National Lampoon's Vacation

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Archaeology Update

Yahoo! News: "Archaeologists unearthed one of the largest statues found to date of a powerful ancient Egyptian pharaoh at his mortuary temple in the southern city of Luxor, the country's antiquities authority announced Tuesday.

The 13 meter (42 foot) tall statue of Amenhotep III was one of a pair that flanked the northern entrance to the grand funerary temple on the west bank of the Nile that is currently the focus of a major excavation."

Nicolas Cage Update (It Just Keeps Getting Worse Edition)

Nicolas Cage investigated for child abuse after allegedly injuring son before domestic abuse arrest: "A police report from Nicolas Cage's arrest earlier this month suggests the actor might have physically harmed his son before he was taken into custody."

Archaeology Update

Lost City Revealed Under Centuries of Jungle Growth: "Hidden for centuries, the ancient Maya city of Holtun, or Head of Stone, is finally coming into focus.

Three-dimensional mapping has 'erased' centuries of jungle growth, revealing the rough contours of nearly a hundred buildings, according to research presented earlier this month."

Phoebe Snow, R. I. P. "Bluesy pop singer and songwriter, Phoebe Snow, died Tuesday morning due to complications from a brain hemorrhage, according to the AP. Snow found fame with her 1970s smooth hit, 'Poetry Man' and released her first eponymous record in 1974, for which received a 1975 Grammy nomination for best new artist.

But the soulful singer and guitarist fell out of the spotlight soon after to take care of her disabled daughter -- but not before making her mark on the music industry. Snow was able to merge her folk roots with her soulful, jazzy voice and create classic hits like, 'Love Makes a Woman' and 'Mercy, Mercy, Mercy.' She also sang the intro tune for the show, 'A Different World.'"

Hat tip to Jerry House.

Joe Lansdale Video Interview

Day Labor, the Official blog of Crimefactory Magazine

From The Basement It Arises

Max Allan Collins explains his involvement with a "new" novel from Donald E. Westlake. You can read it here: From The Basement It Arises

Interview with Greg Shepard of Stark House

Read it here: Pulp Serenade

Today's Vintage Ad

Check out Criminal Element

NEW YORK, NY, 4/26/2011--Macmillan announces the launch of a new crime and mystery-focused community website with a focus on sharing and enriching the experience of crime story fandom. Liz Edelstein, Senior Manager and editor at Macmillan Community Network, made the announcement, and said that the site will highlight different areas of the genre, from noir to cozies and everything in between.

The site will feature pre-release excerpts, original short stories from various authors in the space, topical blog posts, and will eventually be offering downloads and podcasts. It’s a place for fans of the genre to come together in one exciting online space. At launch there will be excerpts, original fiction and articles by authors Joseph Finder, Steve Hamilton, Rosemary Harris, Charles Ardai, Luis Alberto Urrea and more.

Much like its successful sister sites, science fiction community and romance community, is "publisher neutral," meaning that it will include author participation from all publishers and other content creators, and is not exclusive to Macmillan authors.

“This is not a typical review or promotions site,” says Edelstein. “We think of as a community for fans, by fans, and the focus is on editorial content rather than on marketing.” will have a social media presence on both Facebook and Twitter as well; and respectively.

With, Macmillan is leading the charge in creating a themed community for authors and fans to interact and share their love of crime fiction and nonfiction.

Another Titanic Update

Titanic's unknown child is finally ID'd

Hat tip to David Cranmer.


Loren D. Estleman, The Oklahoma Punk, Major Books, 1976.

Marilyn Monroe Update

Bombshell Tapes Reveal New Marilyn Monroe Mystery

Ed Gorman's already written the novel.

Titanic Update

The Titanic sank into the depths of humankind - Telegraph: "What is it that makes the sinking of one ship 99 years ago such a universal story, asks Norman Lebrecht."

Texas Is at #2 & #3

10 Most Destructive Tornadoes in U.S. History

Today's Western Movie Poster

Check it Out!

Three new novels speak to health of Texas fantasy and sci-fi writing tradition

American Ghost Towns Of The 21st Century

American Ghost Towns Of The 21st Century

Tom King, R. I. P.

WTAM 1100: "Cleveland native Tom King who wrote the hit song 'Time Won't Let Me' passed away on Saturday at the age of 68."

TV's Top Weddings

For better or worse, TV's top weddings

Forgotten Films: Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla

Sammy Petrillo and Duke Mitchell play Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin, I mean they play Sammy and Duke in this scientifically convincing film about a mad doctor (played with subtle charm by Bela Lugosi) who lives on the island of Kola Kola and does mad doctor experiments. In this case, he injects Duke with a serum that changes him into an incredibly realistic gorilla!

Duke sings, Sammy does Jerry, and the hilarity piles up in this classic horror comedy that no one should miss. Why this one didn't collect a few Oscars is a mystery, but then if the Academy could overlook Denise Richards, I suppose it happens all the time.

Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla


Monday, April 25, 2011

I Don't Think the Smith Brothers Will Stand for This

Video: Man Caught Peeing on Cough Drops in Drug Store: "Investigators say the man went to the aisle where the cough drops are kept, looked around, unzipped his pants, and urinated on about 110 packages of cough drops."

At Least He Wasn't Eating Her Thin Mints

Paint-huffing husband hauled to jail: "A Fort Wayne man was charged with inhaling toxic vapors for the 48th time after his wife called police and told them he was huffing paint in their apartment last Thursday."

Classic mugshot at the link.
Hat tip to Toby O'Brien.

Buy My Book!

Joe Konrath is selling 500,000 copies. I'm selling 5. What's wrong with this picture?

I Never Find Stuff Like This

500-Year-Old Book Surfaces In Utah

Hat tip to Art Scott.

Today's Vintage Ad

Sounds More Like East Texas than Australia "A WOMAN caught drink-driving has told Melbourne police she was on her way to try her new teeth on fried chicken."

Hat tip to Jeff Meyerson.

Fashion Update

KCRA Sacramento: "Police said that Batie was wearing an Oakland Raiders jacket, a g-string and a hair scrunchie around his genitals. He was also wearing socks."

Kenneth Millar (aka Ross Macdonald), Night Train (aka Trouble Follows Me), Lion, 1955

Bass Reeves

Lessons in Manliness from Bass Reeves: "Deputy U.S. Marshal Bass Reeves was arguably the greatest lawman and gunfighter of the West, a man who served as a marshal for 32 years in the most dangerous district in the country, captured 3,000 felons, (once bringing in 17 men at one time), and shot 14 men in the line of duty, all without ever being shot himself."

Family Reunion Update

We've returned from the family reunion, where I had one horrible realization: Only one other person there was older than I am.

Sunday morning, I walked out of the garage of Judy's house in Thornton, Texas, and was greeted by a genuine cottontail. He ran away when he saw me, but he stopped in the neighbor's back yard long enough for me to point him out to Judy. We looked around but couldn't find any eggs.

On the way home, we stopped to have a look at the bison, which is always fun for me.

10 Totally Bizarre Driving Laws in the US

10 Totally Bizarre Driving Laws in the US

Today's Western Movie Poster

Texas Makes the List Twice

10 Campus Buildings That are Totally Haunted


Scientists ask: Is the kilo losing weight?: "Ensuring a pound of butter is indeed a pound, or a gallon of milk a full gallon, has long been the province of government agencies that deal with weights and measures. But now it seems scientists are having a little trouble with the golf-ball-size piece of metal that is used to set the standard weight for a kilogram, or kilo."

The Really Smart Phone

The Really Smart Phone - "'For us, people look like little particles that move in space and that occasionally communicate with each other,' said Northeastern physicist Albert-Laszlo Barabasi, who led the experiment. 'We have turned society into a laboratory where behavior can be objectively followed.'"

Texas Comes in Third

Harris County third in nation in personal wealth

Fletch Lives

Sunday, April 24, 2011

2011 Hugo and Campbell Awards Nominees

2011 Hugo and Campbell Awards Nominees

Full list at the link.

Kevin Jarre, R. I. P.

Digital Spy: "Famed screenwriter Kevin Jarre has died at the age of 56.

The scribe behind Tombstone and installments of the Rambo and Mummy franchises passed away unexpectedly after suffering heart failure on April 3, his family told The Los Angeles Times.

The self-confessed 'Civil War freak' also wrote the critically-acclaimed Glory, a drama about the historic conflict's first all-black volunteer company, which collected three Oscars in 1989 - including a 'Best Actor' award for Denzel Washington."

New Story at BEAT to a PULP

BEAT to a PULP :: The Monster and the Mob :: James Valvis

Huey P. Meaux, R. I. P. "Legendary and notorious music producer Huey P. Meaux, “the Crazy Cajun,” died this morning at age 82, according to his nephew Larry Meaux Jr., after several months of poor health.

Meaux was created his own music industry in Houston by producing a mountain of hit singles between the late ‘50s and early ‘70s. He helped launch Doug Sahm’s career, and he resurrected Freddy Fender’s. There also existed a dark side to the larger-than-life character. In the 1990s a raid on the SugarHill Recording Studio where he kept an office turned up evidence that would result in his conviction for sex crimes."

First It Was the Thin Mints Melee . . . "Two people were stabbed last night after a baby shower in a Broadway apartment got out of control.

Link via Lawrence Person.

Top 10 Films People Pretend to Have Seen

‘The Godfather’ Tops List of Films People Pretend to Have Seen

Today's Vintage Ad

I'm Expecting High Scores from You Folks on this One

Worst Nicolas Cage Movies: Can you Guess which Terrible Cage Movie is which?

Our Next President Speaks

First Read - The quotable Donald Trump: "On Paris Hilton: “Paris said she wants to build a brand just like Donald Trump and I don't know if she's done it the same way but she is smart like a fox … I also happen to think that I believe she's very beautiful. A lot of people don't agree with me, you know. Some people say ‘Oh, she's really not.’ I happen to think she's very beautiful.” (CNN/ October 9, 2006)"


Kenneth Millar (aka Ross Macdonald), I Die Slowly (aka The Dark Tunnel), Lion, 1955

In Case You Were Wondering, . . .

12 Reasons Women Can't Stand Nice Guys

Got an Ugly Couch?

2011 World's Ugliest Couch Contest. Send Us Your Ugly Couch Photo.

Gator Update (Houseguest Edition)

Alligator invites himself into Palmetto home: "A Manatee County woman got quite a surprise Saturday when she found a 6-foot alligator in her house."

Today's Western Movie Poster

Origin of Easter Eggs

Easter Celebrations - Origin of Easter Eggs

I'm a Believer

Florida: America's Weirdest State: "Florida is undeniably a quirky place. But among many journalists and news junkies, the Sunshine State has developed a reputation for being the state that generates the most weird news and the weirdest weird news."

Mongolian Death Worm Would Be a Super Name for a Rock Band

Mongolian Death Worm: Legendary Creepy, Crawley Desert Killer: "Mongolia, a land of mystery. Where the grave of great warrior king Genghis Khan, who created an empire stretching from the Baltic and Black to the Bering seas remains undiscovered. Where the national dish has become Mongolian barbecue, the stir-fry buffet variety invented in the United States.

And where giant, scarlet worms burrow in the barren expanse of one of the world's largest, coldest deserts, spewing fiery acid and electrocuting unlucky camels from a distance."

10 Fun Phone Facts from Telephone History

10 Fun Phone Facts from Telephone History

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way "Four people have been accused of robbing a bank after they bragged about it on Facebook."

Not That I'm Envious or Anything

Austrian authorities reveal find of buried treasure - Yahoo! News: "A man turning dirt in his back yard stumbled onto buried treasure — hundreds of pieces of centuries-old jewelry and other precious objects that Austrian authorities described Friday as a fairy-tale find.

Austria's department in charge of national antiquities said the trove consists of more than 200 rings, brooches, ornate belt buckles, gold-plated silver plates and other pieces or fragments, many encrusted with pearls, fossilized coral and other ornaments. It says the objects are about 650 years old and are being evaluated for their provenance and worth."