Saturday, May 12, 2007

Miami Purity

I thought I'd give a plug to David Thompson's Busted Flush Press edition of Vicki Henderson's Miami Purity. If you didn't read this book in its original edition, you need to check this one out. If you did read the original, well, David's put in some bonus features for his edition. There's a new foreword by Ken Bruen and a new afterword by Megan Abbott. Michael Connelly calls it "a modern noir masterpiece." Check it out.

Croc Update

They're taking over in New Jersey now.

Courier News Online - 'Crocodile' sighted in South Jersey park: "HADDONFIELD -- Authorities warned people to avoid Hopkins Pond after two sightings of a suspected crocodile here Friday.

So, of course, children and adults flocked to the area in hopes of seeing the big reptile.

'In school they made an announcement telling us not to go near the park,' said J.D. Popp, 11, a fifth-grader at the nearby Tatem Elementary School.

'I was like 'Wow!',' said the boy, who stood near the park Friday evening with a poster showing a green, scaly creature and the words 'Haddonfield Gator.'"

Flushed Away

Okay, those who know me well know that a movie that takes place almost entirely in the sewers is right up my alley, so to speak. Naturally, then, I loved Flushed Away.

Hugh Jackman voices Roddy, a pampered pet rat in Kensington who gets, you guessed it, flushed away. He discovers that there's a whole world in the sewers, populated mostly by rats, but also containing a Bond-villain toad (Ian McKellen in a reunion of the X-Men cast). Roddy meets Rita (Kate Winslett), becomes a hunted criminal known as Millicent Bystander (and if you don't laugh at that, maybe you don't need to see this movie), discovers what a family is like, and finally saves the day.

The gags come thick and fast (blink and you'll miss one), and the pop culture references come even faster. And then there are the slugs. I loved the slugs. I'd watch this again just for the slugs.

The movie's a CGI deal, but it looks a lot like Claymation, probably because of the involvement of some of the Aardman Studio gang. Purists might object, but the combination worked for me. I laughed a lot. Check it out.

Want to Help a Writer?

TechBlog | A technology blog with Dwight Silverman: "Like a lot of us writers, Houstonian Mark Putnam thinks he's got a novel in him. The problem is, he isn't quite sure what that novel's about. He has a few things left to work out.

You know, important things. Like the protagonist's profession, strengths/weaknesses, childhood experiences, etc.

So rather than decisively building a character, he's turning to the wisdom of the crowd. At his blog, Plotastic!, future readers get to vote on key elements of his first novel."

The ballot is here.

Manga Shakespeare

BBC NEWS | Education | Shakespeare gets comic treatment: "The appetite of publishers for comic book - or graphic novel - versions of Shakespeare plays seems undimmed. But is this a valid way of introducing the Bard to new readers?

One new UK publishing house, Self Made Hero, is offering 'Manga Shakespeare' - cut-down versions of some of the plays, in a Japanese cartoon style.

They are drawn by established manga artists, the characters acquiring the typical big bright eyes and cute little noses of the form.

Its first productions are Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet, with Richard III and The Tempest coming this autumn and others to follow.

Romeo and Juliet, the blurb explains, is set in modern-day Japan."

Now Wonder We Won the War on Drugs!

Everything You Want to Know about Execution by Leathal Injection

Inventor of lethal injection stands behind it | - Houston Chronicle

SANTA ROSA, CALIF. — Thirty years ago, Oklahoma Medical Examiner Dr. A. Jay Chapman marched into the Oklahoma Statehouse and dictated the formula for a cocktail of three drugs to a lawmaker looking for a more humane way to execute the condemned.

As Chapman spoke, Rep. Bill Wiseman scribbled on a legal yellow pad. That afternoon, Wiseman introduced the bill that made Oklahoma the first state to adopt lethal injection.

Powered by ScribeFire.

Mike Ripley's Latest Column Posted at Shots Magazine

And as usual, it's full of good stuff. You can check it out here.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Elaine Viets Proxy Signing

Tonight I was at Murder by the Book where I joined Dean James and Leann Sweeny in a proxy signing for Elaine Viets. The latest reports indicate that Elaine's making great progress in her recovery.

The Alley Gator

Maybe I need this for my birthday, too. Thanks to Jeff Meyerson for the link.

Alley Gator: "Alligator, aligator, gator, crocodile, croc, however you wanna spell it, we're talking some ancient, nasty reptiles, which continue to strike fear in man. Maybe it's because they haven't heard that WE are supposed to be the top of the food chain!"

Flash Gordon Update

SCI FI Wire | The News Service of the SCI FI Channel | SCIFI.COM: "Gina Holden (Fantastic Four) has been cast as Dale Arden, the female lead in SCI FI Channel's upcoming original series Flash Gordon. She will co-star opposite Eric Johnson (Smallville), who plays the title character.

In other casting, Jody Racicot (Night at the Museum) will play Dr. Hans Zarkov, and John Ralston (Earthstorm) will play the villainous Ming.

Holden, who also appeared in The Butterfly Effect 2 as well as the upcoming Alien vs. Predator 2, will play Flash Gordon's love interest in the show, which is based on the classic SF comic-strip franchise."

YOU SUCK -- Christopher Moore

If you've read Bloodsucking Fiends, Moore's 1995 novel, then you're probably ready for the sequel. In the earlier book, Tommy Flood met and fell for Jody, the beautiful redheaded vampire. At the end of that novel, she escaped from the bronze statue he'd imprisoned her in and "turned" him. You Suck opens with Tommy awakening and realizing he's now a foul undead creature. Hilarity ensues.

The Animals, Tommy's former co-workers at the Safeway, have gone to Las Vegas with their ill-gotten gains (the rewards of vampire hunting) and returned with a blue hooker who wants to be a vampire. The ancient vampire who turned Jody escapes his own imprisonment and is out for revenge. Jody and Tommy's minion, Abby Normal, finds true love. And so on. It's wild and woolly and often very funny. I got a lot of laughs from Abby Normal's journal, which is part of the narrative.

As if usually the case with Moore, there are connections with his other work, so readers of last year's A Dirty Job should pay attention. Check it out.

From Joe Lansdale

Saw the zombie list. Nah, that's not a list. This is a list.
DAWN OF THE DEAD, original.
WHITE ZOMBIE, dated but still weird and creepy, best seen late at night.
DAY OF THE DEAD. Just nasty.
SHAWN OF THE DEAD, funny, but still creepy.
CARNIVAL OF SOULS, pushing it maybe, but still zombie enough.
That's nine, and that's all I got.

Update from Joe:
". . . whoever said I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE is right. That's a close tie with NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD for my favorite. So, add it to the list, and take off CARNIVAL, (I picked it because it along with LAST MAN ON EARTH were strong influences on Romero, or so I've hard. Also, as everyone should know, LAST MAN and OMEGA MAN are both based on I AM LEGEND, which has also been an influence.

"But let's replace it with RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD, which is good, and very funny. And now, I'm done. There are a few others that are interesting, like LAND OF THE DEAD, but not quite there, and just saw 28 WEEKS LATER, and it doesn't make it. First half is boring, annoying camera work, second half is kick ass. But too little too late."

Top 10 Must-See Zombie Movies

Thanks to Art Scott for the link.

Zombie attack! Undead must-see movies - MOVIE OPINIONS - "If the terrorists forced me to choose between people in rubber monster suits stomping all over Tokyo and a good intestines-munching zombie — and, really, God bless the USA and all our precious freedoms that I don’t — I’d probably choose the rubber-suited guy. But because “28 Weeks Later” opens this week, I’m here to talk about my second favorite class of monster citizen. And really, it’s a very close second. I love zombies."

25 Most Memorable Books of the Last 25 Years

Another list my books aren't on.

25 Books that leave a legacy - "Books tell a story — about our reading preferences, certainly, but also about what's happening in our world. USA TODAY's book editors and critics chose 25 titles that made an impact on readers and the publishing industry over the past quarter-century."

The Decline of Western Civilization

It doesn't have much farther to go.

Hollywood Hookup : Britney Spears and Marilyn Monroe To Sing A Duet: "With the plans for Britney's big comeback in full swing, what better way to attract some more media attention to her revived singing career than by setting up a duet with the long deceased Marilyn Monroe.

And how is such a thing possible? Well, Lance Bass, former NSYNC member, has the rights to a previously unreleased song that Monroe recorded before her untimely death in 1962; he thinks that Brit is the perfect person to sing with Monroe on the track.

Plans are already underway to record the song, called "Down Boy," with Monroe and Britney singing a duet just like the posthumous duet of Unforgettable by Natalie Cole and her father Nat King Cole.

Ideas have also been thrown around for the song's inevitable music video; Britney will wear a Marilyn inspired wig and dress to its full effect."

Crime News Headline of the Day

Who was that masked man?

It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp

Especially if he's a Pittsburgh Steeler.

SPORTSbyBROOKS - Las Vegas Police Accuse Richard Seigler Pittsburgh Steeler Being A Pimp: "
THE NFL ISN'T SO SURE ABOUT THIS SEX FOR MONEY THING: A Las Vegas TV station (an I-Team exclusive!) reports a local police vice squad investigation into a juvenile prostitution ring has turned up some interesting info about recently-released Pittsburgh Steeler Richard Seigler: He is (allegedly) a pimp. "

Gator Update

Video and slideshow at the link.

8-Foot Alligator In Parking Lot Puts Up Fight - News Story - WFTV Orlando: "COCOA, Fla. -- A worker at a Cocoa car dealership got quite a surprise, Thursday, an angry alligator underneath one of the new cars.

There's a saying: Anywhere there's water in Florida, you are likely to find an alligator. The problem is, when the water start's drying up, the alligators start moving.

Most people go to a dealership to look at the cars. Thursday, it was the alligator under the car drawing the crowd.

The 7-foot-11 reptile was found hiding under a Mitsubishi up for sale, drawing a crowd and a gator trapper with a warning."

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Crime News Headline of the Day

A very unusual gun.


Thanks to Todd Mason for the tip.

NBC picks up 4, renews 'FNL': "NBC's one-hour pilots 'The Bionic Woman,' 'Chuck,' 'Journeyman' and 'Life' have been picked up to series, sources said Thursday.

Additionally, NBC is said to have renewed critically praised freshman drama 'Friday Night Lights' for next season.

'The Bionic Woman,' from NBC Universal TV Studio, is a re-imagination of the 1970s series starring Michelle Ryan. David Eick and Glen Morgan are executive producing."

The Persecution is Ending

Better sign that "Jail Paris" petition now.

Thanks to Jeff Meyerson for the update.

VINNIE'S HEAD -- Marc Lecard

You're going to have to be in the mood for something wild and crazy when you read this one. Johnnie LoDuco is a small-time criminal (about as small-time as there is), but his pal Vinnie is doing much better. And because Johnnie is such a good friend, Vinnie is going to cut him in.

Things go wrong (naturally), and the next thing Johnnie knows, he's fishing for flounder and catching Vinnie's head. The head's the mcguffin that drives the plot from that point on. Johnnie's not the brightest bulb in the fixture, but even he can tell that things aren't going his way. Not until he meets Patrice, who helps him make one of his many escapes. Patrice is good news, and once she and Johnnie hook up, his prospects improve.

Or do they? So many people are after them (and the head) that it's hard to keep up. Not that it matters. The plot's not the thing here (it's very, very complicated). What matters is the head and what happens along the way. Plenty happens, believe me. And while you can believe me, you're not going to believe the events in the book, especially after Johnnie and Patrice meet the most unusual p.i. in fictional history. That doesn't matter, either. Just go along for the ride. Lots of laughs, lots of violence, and some really weird characters. When you're in the mood for something completely different, check it out.

Persecution Update

Yes, there's a "Jail Paris Hilton" petition. You can even read some of the cruel comments others have made.

Digging Brushy Bill

DNA could solve mystery of Billy the Kid | - Houston Chronicle: "HAMILTON — At least two men, including one buried in this Central Texas town, claimed during their lives to be the real William H. Bonney, aka Billy the Kid.

Instead of being shot to death by Sheriff Pat Garrett in Fort Sumner, N.M., on July 14, 1881, as mainstream historians say, these would-be Kids claimed to have escaped to live to old age in Texas, Arizona, or other parts of the Wild West.

A former New Mexico lawman investigating this colorful piece of history wants the Hamilton City Council at a meeting this evening to give him permission to dig up the body of Ollie 'Brushy Bill' Roberts, perhaps the most celebrated Billy the Kid claimant of all."

Once Again Texas (Doesn't) Lead the Way

Buzzard concerns delay plans for Texas State 'body farm' | - Houston Chronicle: "SAN MARCOS, Texas — Texas State University's plan to build the nation's largest 'body farm' of cadavers is on hold after scrapping its proposed site amid concerns that buzzards could endanger nearby planes.

The university will now scout a new location for what will be only the third body farm in the nation. The school had hoped to begin burying bodies later this year.

By burying cadavers and studying human decomposition, researchers aim to help police better solve questions like time and manner of death at crime scenes.

Texas State's proposed 17-acre site was on Texas Highway 21 near the San Marcos Municipal Airport. But after meeting with the airport's commission Tuesday, the university quashed the plan out of concerns that buzzards would pose a risk to pilots."

Persecution Update

Paris Hilton is ready to face the consequences.

Thanks to Jeff Meyerson for the link.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Persecution Update

John Duke sends in this report.

What I Want for my Birthday


This Would Be Perfect for Paris Hilton's Jail Stay

Reel Pop: Natalie Portman, this is your lifecast: "Pixie-perfect actress Natalie Portman is hunting for funding in Silicon Valley. Her project: A continuous video feed of her personal and professional life, streamed live to the Web. "

Top 50 Conservative Rock Songs

Fifty? Yes, fifty.

The New Noah's Ark

From aardvark to zinnia, all of Earth's known species to be cataloged on Web site - Northwest Florida Daily News: "WASHINGTON (AP) - In a whale-sized project, the world's scientists plan to compile everything they know about all of Earth's 1.8 million known species and put it all on one Web site, open to everyone.

The effort, called the Encyclopedia of Life, will include species descriptions, pictures, maps, videos, sound, sightings by amateurs, and links to entire genomes and scientific journal papers. Its first pages of information will be shown Wednesday in Washington where the massive effort is being announced by some of the world's leading institutions. The project will take about 10 years to finish.

'It's an interactive zoo,' said James Edwards, who will be the encyclopedia's executive director. Edwards currently helps run a global biodiversity information system."

We're from the Government, and We're Here to Help You

Gas station owner told to raise prices - Yahoo! News: "MERRILL, Wis. - A service station that offered discounted gas to senior citizens and people supporting youth sports has been ordered by the state to raise its prices.

Center City BP owner Raj Bhandari has been offering senior citizens a 2 cent per gallon price break and discount cards that let sports boosters pay 3 cents less per gallon.

But the state Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection says those deals violate Wisconsin's Unfair Sales Act, which requires stations to sell gas for about 9.2 percent more than the wholesale price.

Bhandari said he received a letter from the state auditor last month saying the state would sue him if he did not raise his prices. The state could penalize him for each discounted gallon he sold, with the fine determined by a judge."

Persecution Update

Thanks to Jeff Meyerson for this timely info. Recall The Governator!

Worst Lyrics of All Time

Here they are.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

New Blog on the Block

Criminal Brief is "The Mystery Short Story Web Log Project," and it's just launched. Contributors include Steven Steinbock, James Lincoln Warren, Rob Lopresti, Melodie Johnson Howe, Leigh Lundin, and Deborah Elliott-Upton. Check it out.

The Duke Lives!

Long article with a John Wayne Time-Line at the end. Check it out.

Shadow of the Shootist-Arts & Entertainment-Film-TimesOnline: "Later this month, on May 26, it will be the 100th anniversary of John Wayne’s birth. Paramount Home Entertainment, in conjunction with Wayne’s own production company, Batjac, will mark the occasion by releasing special collector’s-edition DVDs of four classic Wayne movies long out of circulation and much sought by devotees of the Duke: Island in the Sky (1953), Hondo (1953), The High and the Mighty (1954) and McLintock! (1963)."


I see that in my post about Bernadette Peters I forgot to mention one of the highlights. She introduced her drummer as a real celebrity. He was Cubby O'Brien, and for those of us of a certain age, that's a very familiar name.

Gotta Get Me Some of That!

More creepy old ads at this link. Via Neatorama.


The spring 2007 issue of _Clues: A Journal of Detection_ has been
published and is a special theme issue devoted to Margaret Millar
(Edgar winner, _Beast in View_; author, _How Like an Angel_,
_Beyond This Point Are Monsters_, etc.; wife of Ross Macdonald).
The issue is guest edited by author Dean James.

The issue includes the following articles:

--The Literary Lives of Margaret Millar and Ross Macdonald - Tom Nolan

--Where the Monsters Are: Margaret Millar and the "Mexican Problem" -
Ana Patricia Rodriguez

--From Detective Fiction to Detective Literature: Psychology in
the Novels of Dorothy L. Sayers and Margaret Millar
- Kelly C. Connelly

--Review Essay: Margaret Millar in Print - Dean James

--The Last Word: Margaret Millar's Final Novels - Robert Barnard

--The "Same Old Same Old": Gender and Race in Margaret Maron's Deborah
Knott Series - Caren J. Town

--Book Review: Laurence Roth's _Inspecting Jews: American Jewish
Detective Stories_ (Rev. Shelley Godsland)

For further details about the issue, visit:

Elizabeth Foxwell
Managing Editor, _Clues: A Journal of Detection_

100 Worst Cover Songs

Only about 25 posted so far, but it's already a festival of awfulness.

retroCRUSH: The World's Greatest Pop Culture Site: "We've already done our 100 Greatest Cover Songs list, so you knew it was only a matter of time before we paid respects to the flip side of the coin. Some of these covers were sincere attempts to make good songs, others are so inexplicably awful that you don't know what the hell they were thinking. Others are clearly meant to be jokes, but it doesn't make them sound any better, even so. We had polled retroCRUSH readers for nearly 2 months and got lots of great responses, and we give deep thanks to all of those who threw ideas our way. We'll be putting a several up each day and should have the entire list posted up shortly, so come back each day!"


It must be sweeps month. Ghost photos and video at link.

Ghostly Images Seen, Photographed On 'Deadly' Stretch Of I-4 - Local News Story - WKMG Orlando: "ORLANDO, Fla. -- Ghostly apparitions have been seen and photographed on a small stretch of Interstate 4 known as 'the I-4 Dead Zone' in which hundreds of people have been killed or injured in crashes, according to a Local 6 investigation.

Since 1963, nearly 2,000 accidents have been reported on a stretch of Interstate 4 in Central Florida located between Daytona Beach and Orlando, the report said.

Over the years, people have reported seeing strange things on the stretch of road, according to the report.

'People are claiming to see all kinds of things -- orbs floating across the highway, apparitions on the side of the road hitchhiking, phantom trucks, you name it,' book author Charlie Carlson said. 'There are dead people beneath interstate 4.'

Local 6 reported that the road where the crashes happened cradles the graves of a family of four.

The graves date back to the 1880s and a settlement called St. Joseph’s Catholic Colony, the report said. One of the German families fell victim to a yellow fever epidemic."

Warning: Paris Hilton Post (But a Very Important One!)

Thanks to justice-seeking Jeff Meyerson for the link. If you sign the petition, they try to trick you into donating money. So either don't sign or be wary. is an organization dedicated to mobilizing the fans and friends of Paris
Hilton to action, against LA County Superior Court's wrongful 45 day jail sentence.

We must take all steps necessary to stop the unjust punishment given to Paris Hilton. The City/County of Los Angeles and Superior Court Judge Michael T. Sauer must be stopped, and must hear our voices.

Free Paris now! Our goal is to have one million signatures by June 5, the day Paris is set to begin her sentence.

Croc Update

Daily Times - Leading News Resource of Pakistan - Thai scientists working on crocodile smiles : "A team of Thai scientists have found that crocodile eggs provide a goldmine of hydroxyapatite, the bioactive material commonly used in bone and teeth transplants worldwide.

The breakthrough by Kasetsart University’s department of chemistry followed three years of research on the possible commercial uses for crocodile eggs and bones in collaboration with the Sriracha Crocodile Farm, one of the kingdom’s largest exporters of crocodile skins and meat products.

The farm, also a major tourist attraction, is looking for a lucrative way to get rid of its crocodile leftovers. By combining the crushed shells with phosphate using a pressurized hydrothermal process, the team found they could make hydroxyapatite powder similar to the imported commercial product. "

Monday, May 07, 2007

Will the Persecution Never End?

I, for one, believe this.

Will the Persecution Never End?

Prison tips for Paris Hilton.

The 25 Most Exquisitely Sad Songs in the Whole World

The 25 Most Exquisitely Sad Songs in the Whole World: No. 25 - "There's no shortage of sad songs about rainy days and lovers who don't bring flowers. And then there are songs that truly bring the pain -- songs so despairing they can make us wonder why we even bother. Here are 25 little ditties so crushing, they could knock Dick Cheney to his knees. "

No "Teen Angel"? No "Tell Laura I Love Her"? No "Last Kiss"?

Will the Persecution Never End?

Fair-weather friends edition.

Bernadette Peters

Yesterday afternoon we went to a concert by Bernadette Peters in the 1894 Grand Opera House in Galveston. Wow. First of all, let me say that Ms. Peters looks faaaaabulous. I didn't take the photo on the left, but that's the outfit she wore yesterday, and when she climbed up on the grand piano and writhed around while singing "Fever," she might as well have been 21.

Naturally she sang a bunch of Stephen Sondheim songs. I'm not as fond of Sondheim as I should be, so I liked better the ones from earlier days, like "Some Enchanted Evening" and "There Is Nothing like a Dame" from South Pacific. She did a knock out version of "Shenandoah," too. But "Fever" was my favorite. Sunday afternoon with Bernadette was great.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Toad Suck Daze

John Duke has alerted me too late for me to attend. But I can mark my calendar for next year.

ToadSuckHomePage: "Join us this year for Arkansas' most popular festival! May 4th - 6th in downtown Conway."

Today' You don't have to spend a lot of green to go to Toad Suck Daze in Conway this weekend, May 4-6. In fact, admission is free. This is one of the least expensive festivals in the state.

There is absolutely no charge to attend, so admission is free, the great musical entertainment, like Bret Michaels, Confederate Railroad and Sammy Kershaw, are all free. The Firefighter Challenge for the kids is also free. One of the main attractions, the toad races, is also free to enter. (See link below pictures for the schedule of events.)

Of course, not everything is free. You will need to bring some money, but there's something different this year called Toad Bucks.

There will be stands throughout the festival where you trade your real bucks for Toad Bucks. Toad Bucks will be the only type of money the concessions and rides will accept. Unfortunately, you can't cash your unused tickets in at the end of your visit.

An Accidental Novelist -- Richard S. Wheeler

I met Richard Wheeler once, though I'm sure he doesn't remember. It was at the WWA's annual convention, held that year in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It was a notable meeting because sitting at the same table with Wheeler was Ed Gorman. I'd never met Ed before in person, either.

As I discovered in reading his entertaining memoir, Wheeler and I have several things in common. Our personalities seem similar. We both came to writing late, and about the same time. We shared the same agent for a time. We both write genre fiction. Our careers have had a few similarities, too, though Wheeler at the end has been more successful than I have in terms of sales and awards.

The memoir itself has a lot to say about what it's like to struggle along as a genre writer. There's a lot about editors and the publishing business that will sound familiar to almost any writer, but what I liked best was Wheeler's stories about the people he's met, his friends and colleagues. I identified with this part of the book so strongly because I know many of the same people. This is the first time I've ever read a book about so many people I've been acquainted with, and it was an interesting experience to see Wheeler's descriptions of them and his thoughts about them.

Among Wheeler's many awards is the Owen Wister Award for Lifetime Achievement, presented by the WWA. As I said, Wheeler and I started publishing at the same time. His career seems like a long one as you read the book, and the Wister Award shows what he's accomplished. So why does that same period of time seem like about a week and a half to me? Can it possibly have been so long?

But I digress. Wheeler hasn't had it easy, but he's had an interesting life, and he tells about it quite well. Even if you haven't read his novels (and you should), you'll find out what it's really like to be a working writer in an overlooked field. It ain't easy, kid.

Check it out.

A Texas Fish Story

A long story, but a good one, at the link.

Corsicana Daily Sun, Corsicana, Texas - Gar-Gantuan: Nacogdoches teen reels in new state, water body record alligator gar at Sam Rayburn: "Ariel Drewery of Nacogdoches said a prayer on the eve of the McDonald's Big Bass Splash held earlier this month on Sam Rayburn Reservoir. Among other things, the 15-year old asked God to help her catch a big fish.

Drewery's prayer was answered shortly after daylight on Day 2 as she and her dad, Terry, and younger brother, Seth, plied the depths of the Five Fingers area for a keeper largemouth.

Terry was throwing a topwater plug. Ariel, a Sebile Flat Shad rigged on 17-pound test Sufix line. Best she can recall, it was about 6:30 am when she hurled the lure across a grass flat in about 7-feet of water.

The energetic teen did not see the silver/blue-colored bait again for nearly two hours. That's how long it took her to exhaust what was likely one of the biggest fish swimming in the fabled East Texas impoundment."