Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ace Books Image Lilbrary Update from Michael Smith


Happy New Year. It is the start of the new (Spring) semester and I need to get back to my day job. However, I have had the opportunity to do some substantial updates to the ACE IMAGE LIBRARY.


In addition, while snooping through my files and databases and ZIP disks I havefound that the ACE IAMGE LIBRARY is now in its 10th year! Wow! Time flies when you are having fun and it means that this site has been a part of the NET for a decade. Strange to think. However, it would not have been as much fun as it has been without the contributions and comments from all of you. I want to thank all of the ACE IMAGE LIBRARY users who have sent new (or improved) images, artist and publication data, as well as questions and comments.

The ACE IMAGE LIBRARY has had a substantial update dealing with the access pages to each genre section (Science Fiction, Mystery, Western, and Potpourri). I have tried to make it easier to use as well as reduce the bandwidth-hogging issues that are common in graphics-rich NET environments (for instance, I still have dial-up (argh) access at home). Furthermore, some of the sections have gotten (in a word) unwieldy. So, the ACE SF Singles 5-digit numerical section has now been subdivided for easier access and use. This is a direct result of user comments asking if I could do something to make this portion easier to access. Please take a look at these changes and see if you think that they work. Remember, coders (and I am an old programmer with bad habits) have a tendency to think about how it is easier for them and I want this to work for the general user.

In addition, I have added over two hundred new images (and publication data) as well as cleaning up a lot of errors (in spelling, grammar, and punctuation) as well as improved images in many sections. However, I am still updating image improvement in the ACE DOUBLES section, so be patient.

I have been compiling more artist information as well as new images of the original paintings, drawings, illustrations, or preliminary drawings. I have been aided by many people who have allowed me to place these these on the ACE IMAGE LIBRARY site and I thank them again for their permission.

So, have fun. Remember, all errors are mine and any corrections are always appreciated.

Best regards for an enjoyable and interesting New Year.




Randy Johnson said...

Ah, the ace doubles. I still have a number of them in my collection.

Fred Blosser said...

The covers are endlessly fascinating, especially the "potpourri" section. "potpourri" indeed, everything from William Burroughs to Frank Edwards to G. Harry Stine to endless historical potboilers and nurse novels. The decline and fall of modern civilization began on the day that titles like CAPTAIN CROSSBONES began to disappear from the racks. Trivia note -- book D-292 under "potpourri" -- THE INSIDERS by Booth Mooney: Mooney wound up in Washington as an aide to LBJ and a lobbyist, but Robert E. Howard fans know him better as one of REH's youthful amateur-press associates in Texas in the '20s.

Unknown said...

I've read The Insiders. It's a very entertaining novel.