Saturday, January 19, 2008

New York Echoes -- Warren Adler

Warren Adler has written a good many novels, including some thrillers. One I enjoyed was The Trans-Siberian Express. This new book is a collection of short stories, all of them about New York. I've read a couple, and I'll read more. One of them, "The Birthday Party," hit home with me because it's about and old guy named Al. My first name is Allen, and I'm an old guy. Al likes his little routines. And he doesn't like to think he's getting old. But he is, and he finds out just how old in a way I can understand all too well.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning this, Bill. I read Adler's collection The Sunset Gang some years ago and enjoyed it.

And by the way, we're watching the Everly Brothers' 1983 reunion concert on PBS tonight.

Jeff M.

Unknown said...

Can't beat the Everly Bros. I hope they're still singing. One of them, Phil, I think, had a birthday just the other day.