Saturday, August 21, 2010

Movies I Would Really Like to See

Scifi movie posters from an alternate universe

Yet Another List I'm Not On

50 Sexiest Men of 2010 Results - Robert Pattinson, Ian Somerhalder, Taylor Lautner ( UK)

Top 10 'Vices' That Are Good for You

America's healthiest pleasures: 10 'vices' that are good for you -

Archaeology Update

Divers find prehistoric artifacts in North Port spring: "In the pitch-black depths of an isolated North Port spring sits a silt-covered ledge that is revealing secrets about a prehistoric nomadic people, secrets held in murky silence for 100 centuries.

Now, with diving gear and artifact-collecting bags, archaeologists with the University of Miami and The Florida Aquarium are sweeping away the muck and uncovering that distant past."

New Story at BEAT to a PULP

BEAT to a PULP :: The Worms of Terpsichore :: Garnett Elliott

Disappointing Croc-in-the-English Channel Update

English channel crocodile hoax scares swimmers - Telegraph: "The water off Boulogne-sur-Mer was cleared yesterday while a search was carried out.

A spokesman for Boulogne-sur-Mer town hall said it was now thought the claim was ''a joke''."

Amazing Photos

Russia in color, a century ago - The Big Picture - "The high quality of the images, combined with the bright colors, make it difficult for viewers to believe that they are looking 100 years back in time - when these photographs were taken, neither the Russian Revolution nor World War I had yet begun."

Stieg Larsson Was a Bad, Bad Writer � Stieg Larsson Was a Bad, Bad Writer

Link via SF Signal.

Stars Who Get Better With Age - Stars Who Get Better With Age

Essential Knowledge

NGM Blog Central - A Little Love for Piranhas - National Geographic Magazine - "Herewith, a piranha primer."

Today's Western Movie Poster

Debunking Grammar Myths

mental_floss Blog � Debunking Grammar Myths

How Many ATMs Are in Antarctica?

ATMs in Antarctica: An Interview With Wells Fargo's David Parker �

Link via Neatorama.

My New Favorite Town


Hat tip to Doc Quatermass.

The Sons of Katie Elder

Friday, August 20, 2010

Apocalypse Now

‘Jersey Shore’ ratings huge: "'Jersey Shore' just keeps getting bigger.

The MTV hit tied last week's viewership record, and its adult demo rating rose to unprecedented new heights.

Thursday night had a steady 5.5 million viewers while its 18-49 rating rose to 2.9.

Once again, 'Jersey Shore' beat all of broadcast on Thursday -- and is very nearly the week's top-rated show."

האַלטן אַוועק זייער לאָנז

Coming of age: Five Brooklyn grandmothers, ranging from 83 to 94, are bat mitzvahed: "You're never too old to come of age.

Five Brooklyn grannies were bat mitzvahed Thursday in a touching ceremony celebrating their lifelong devotion to their faith."

Hat tip to Jeff Meyerson.

Don't Forget

GoTopless: "NATIONAL GOTOPLESS PROTEST AUGUST 22, 2010 in honor of Gender Equal rights"

Some pics on the site may not be safe for work. Maybe that's what the protest is all about.

I'm Telling You, Folks, They're Everywhere

France shuts beaches after crocodile spotted in the English Channel | Herald Sun: "BEACHES in northern France have been closed after a crocodile was spotted lurking in the English Channel.

The reptile was seen swimming near to sailing boats in the northeastern port of Boulogne-sur-Mer on Thursday, prompting alarmed officials to close down crowded local swimming areas at the height of vacation season, The Daily Mail newspaper reported."

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way

Prison for legally blind Waco driver over fatality | AP Texas News | - Houston Chronicle: "A legally blind Waco woman has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for causing a December traffic accident that left a motorcycle rider dead.
[. . . .]
Defense attorney Phil Martinez says he will appeal. Martinez also told jurors that Mitchell will never again drive without corrective lenses and a driver's license. She was cited at least twice, prior to the 2009 wreck, for driving without a license."

Yet Another List I'm Not On

In Pictures: The 10 Highest-Paid Authors - In Pictures: The 10 Highest-Paid Authors -

One Picture Is Worth . . . Heck, You Click the Link and Decide

CNN iReport Blog: "iReporter Lisa Oaks posted an iReport this week that caught our eye -- a photo of a man in the Dallas Fort-Worth Airport wearing short shorts and a halter top. 'This is ok for a male revue nightclub, but not for public daytime,' said Oaks, whose husband Mark snapped the shot."

Hat tip to Jeff Meyerson.

No Comment Department

Grisly find in search for Japanese centenarians - Yahoo! News: "A nationwide search for missing centenarians in Japan has led to another grisly discovery -- the remains of a Tokyo woman who was believed to be 104 stuffed into her son's backpack for nearly a decade."

I Prefer to Use a Wallet

Money falls from butt during strip search - "Police in Florida said they recovered $45 that fell out of an arrested man's anus during a strip search at the Bay County Jail."

King Tut Update

Parental Incest May Be Cause of King Tut's Short Life: "For years, scientists have tried to unravel ancient clues as to why the boy king of Egypt, who reigned for 10 years, died at the age of 19.

Several theories have been put forth. One was that he was killed by a blow to the head. Another put the blame on a broken leg. As recently as June, German scientists said they believe there is evidence he died of sickle cell disease.

A team of researchers using a combination of CT scans, DNA testing and archaeological information now believe his fate was sealed by the fact that his parents were brother and sister. His body was just not built to last."

Paperback Cover Themes

Retrospace: Vintage Themes #8: Gigantic Floating Heads!

Fried Butter

This Week in Arterial Terrorism: Fried butter at Pete’s Pork Roll :: Meal Ticket :: Food Blog :: Philadelphia City Paper

Photos at the link.
Hat tip to Jeff Segal.

Keep . . . Off . . . My . . . Damn . . . Lawn

Brain connections break down as we age, study suggests: "It's unavoidable: breakdowns in brain connections slow down our physical response times as we age, a new study suggests.

This slower reactivity is associated with an age-related breakdown in the corpus callosum, a part of the brain that acts as a dam during one-sided motor activities to prevent unwanted connectivity, or cross-talk, between the two halves of the brain, said Rachael Seidler, associate professor in the University of Michigan School of Kinesiology and Department of Psychology, and lead study author."

More Bad News from Dorchester?

It's at 's blog Brian Keene's blog.

Hat tip to Matt Mayo.

Recommended by Mr. Ed

Ketamine is 'magic drug' for depression - Telegraph: "The drug has traditionally been used as an anaesthetic for animals and, in some cases, humans – but has also established itself as a nightclub favourite in recent years, where it is nicknamed Special K.

But studies have found it can treat depression within hours, even when years of alternative treatments have failed.

And the effects of just one dose can last up to 10 days."

Today's Western Movie Poster

Minnesota Leads the Way

Minnesota Tornadoes 2010: We're #1! | Updraft | Minnesota Public Radio: "Preliminary numbers show Minnesota has 122 tornado reports so far in 2010. The #2 state isn't even close. Texas has reported 87 tornadoes so far in 2010.

That's right folks; the frozen tundra of Minnesota has had 35 more tornado reports this year than Tornado Alley Texas."

Huffer Update -- Still Going for the Gold

Man Arrested At Ball Field With Gold Paint On Face Again - News Story - WTOV Steubenville: "An Ohio Valley man whose spray-painted mugshot was circulated worldwide has been arrested again on accusations of huffing.

Wetzel County sheriff's deputies arrested Patrick Tribett -- again with gold spray paint on his face -- Wednesday night."

Just Suck it Up!

Girdles for men? Beer-bellied guys are taking a cue from the ladies.: "Further signs of the impending apocalypse: Men's girdles are now all the rage.

They call it 'men's shapewear,' true, but ladies, we know that you know from long and tummy-tucking experience what that really means."

Forgotten Books: CASINO ROYALE -- Ian Fleming

 Not a forgotten book, surely, but one that had a big influence on me when I was a college guy. I was an English major, happily reading lots of wonderful literary stuff (Hemingway, Faulkner, Shakespeare, you name it), while at the same time indulging my love of genre fiction by reading a good bit of SF. Then I read about John F. Kennedy's fondness for the work of Ian Fleming. I picked up a copy of Casino Royale, and my reading habits changed forever.

Who could resist a book "Replete with elegant, enigmatic women . . . explosions, torture and sudden death"? Certainly not me. From this one I went on to read other Fleming books, but I also discovered Alistair MacLean, Donald Hamilton, Len Deighton, and a host of others. Reading them led me to reading crime fiction by the truckload.

It's always interesting for me to speculate about how I got from there to here. I know for sure that one of the things that got me here was Casino Royale. So thanks, Mr. Fleming. And Mr. Bond, too.

The retitled edition pictured here, by the way, isn't the one I originally read. It's one I picked up later, and maybe the only one that refers to "Jimmy Bond."

The War Wagon

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Readers of this Blog Have Known about This Kind of Thing for Years

Bears and crocodiles among wild ways pot-growers protect product: "While no one on Thursday could recall another instance involving bears, there was a case several years ago involving a crocodile. In 2003, drug officers raided a home in Scarborough, Ont., and found 164 plants growing around a concrete-lined oval pond in the basement.

It turned out a two-metre-long croc was swimming in the pond's murky water."

Croc Update (Forget that Octopus Edition)

Monster crocodile Dirty Harry predicts Gillard victory | Courier Mail: "IT seems even Australia's most iconic reptiles are finding it hard to stomach either of the two prime ministerial candidates.

Like all swinging voters, Dirty Harry - a saltwater crocodile admired for his prediction prowess - took his time sniffing out the candidates in his enclosure at Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin on Thursday."

Mystery Scene Update from Kate Stine

Hi everyone,

Brian and I are very pleased to announce that Mystery Scene will be printed in full color beginning with the Fall Issue #116 in September.

This is a big step but we believe that it will allow Mystery Scene to better showcase writers, books, films, etc., while also attracting more readers, advertisers, and retail sales.

And it's definitely going to be fun!

Best wishes,

Don't Offend the Great Old Ones

Cthulhu Mints

Who Wears Short Shorts? We Wear Short Shorts!

Women's short shorts make multiple-vehicle crash on I-5 worse - Local News - Everett, WA - Everett - "About 4:15 p.m., four drivers crashed into each other on northbound I-5 near 41st Street in Everett.

State troopers cleared the highway. The drivers and passengers were waiting by the side of the road, including several young women in summertime garb, Keith Leary with the State Patrol said.

More drivers crashed, apparently while checking out the women."

And Keep Off Their Lawn

Britain’s oldest newly-weds have combined age of 183 | "A couple in a long-distance relationship have finally tied the knot and become Britain’s oldest newly-weds – with a combined age of 183.

Loved-up Edna Holford, 95, met her ‘toy boy’ Harry Corton, 88, at a tea dance in Brighton fives years ago."

Booby Trap Update

Police arrest Paris booby trap gang - oddstuff | "French police have arrested two teenage girls they say stole hundreds of euros from unsuspecting cash machine customers after distracting them by flashing their breasts.

The 14-year old girls were taken to the Paris prosecutor's office to face charges while a 12 year-old accomplice was placed in a home, police said."

Okay, This Is Just Getting Ridiculous

NY Pizza Burger, set to debut at Burger King, includes four Whoppers and a whopping 2,520 calories: "If it looks like a pizza, and smells like a pizza, it might very well be ... the newest overstuffed offering from the folks at Burger King.

The NY Pizza Burger, expected to debut early next month in midtown, features a gut-busting four broiled Whopper burgers.

It's topped with pepperoni, mozzarella and marinara sauce, all stacked on a 9-1/2-inch sesame seed bun. The burger is cut into six pizza-style slices, allowing diners to share the agita and the ecstasy."

Terror Birds Update

Ancient "terror birds" used their mega-beaks to stab prey: "Ripped straight from King Kong, creatures known as 'terror birds' stalked South America millions of years ago, brandishing impressively huge beaks. New research into how they used this appendage shows just how appropriate their name really is."

Hat tip to Jeff Segal.

I Advise Staying Off Her Lawn

Woman shares her home with pet crocodiles - Story - World - 3 News: "The presence of a sign saying 'Danger Crocodiles - No Swimming' on the door of a neighbours might often suggest that a joker is in residence.

But the sign is no joke - this house in a Melbourne suburb really does contain crocodiles.

And crocodile enthusiast Vicki Lowing is a familiar sight on the local streets as she walks Johnny, her fourteen year old pet freshwater croc."

Archaeology Update

Georgia archaeologists find Confederate POW camp - State & Regional - Wire - "Georgia officials say the discoveries, announced Wednesday, were made by a 36-year-old graduate student at Georgia Southern University who set out to find Camp Lawton for his thesis project in archaeology.

He stunned experienced pros by not only pinpointing the site, but also unearthing rare artifacts from a prison camp known as little more than a historical footnote on the path of Gen. William T. Sherman's devasting march from Atlanta to Savannah."

Soon to Be a SyFy Movie!

Fossil reveals 48-million-year history of zombie ants: "A 48-million-year-old fossilised leaf has revealed the oldest known evidence of a macabre part of nature -- parasites taking control of their hosts to turn them into zombies."

Hat tip to Doc Quatermass.

Today's Western Movie Poster

It's Been Only a Year Since 1846 -- on Neptune -- Neptune Finally Makes First Orbit Around the Sun Since Discovery In 1846

Easton Press Collector′s Editions

Easton Press Collector′s Editions on AbeBooks: "For nearly three decades, the Norwalk, Connecticut publisher has been releasing some of the most sumptuous and gorgeous books available on the market, from the best classic novels to science fiction, contemporary fiction, and countless beautiful, collectible multi-volume sets."

Soon They'll Have Their Own Reality TV Series

Chickens aren't bird-brains after all | "PRIZE-winning research has found chickens speak their own language and have Machiavellian tendencies like humans.

A study by Macquarie University's Doctor Lynn Smith and Professor Chris Evans portrays chickens as social and intelligent creatures which adjust what they say according to who's listening."

Haunted Gold

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Does a Wild Bear . . . ?

Canada marijuana growers use wild bears to guard pot: "Police said Wednesday they were astonished to find at least 14 wild black bears guarding an illegal marijuana growing operation after a recent raid on the property in westernmost Canada.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sergeant Fred Mansveld said police believe two growers arrested in the raid had used dog food to lure the animals onto the remote property in southeastern British Columbia, to deter marijuana thieves."

You'd Better Stay off Her Lawn!

VIDEO: 101-year-old becomes honorary deputy? : : Greensboro & the Triad's most trusted source for local news and analysis: "Josephine McBride, 101, was given the honorary status Wednesday because of her contributions to crime prevention and the city of Norfolk, Va.

She recently completed a 12-week Citizen's Police Academy, which included target practice. 'Her trigger finger is little weak these days,' said the reporter from the WAVY-10 TV station in Portsmouth, Va.

And get this. McBride will celebrate her 102nd birthday next week."

Toshiro Mifune Never Had to Go Through This

SWAT Team Called Over Umbrella With Samurai Sword Handle: "The umbrella has been forbidden on the college campus after this incident."

YoYo Man!

YouTube - YoYoFactory Present: Jensen Kimmitt 2010 World yoyo Contest 1A 1st Place


More Guests Than You Can Swing an Armadillo At | Missions Unknown

Check it out!

Watch the Skies!

BBC News - Missing vulture could pose threat in Scottish skies

Hat tip to Richard Prosch.

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way

Ex-NASA worker admits stealing space suit | | - News, Houston news, Texas News, Headlines: "A former NASA contract employee has pleaded guilty to stealing machine equipment and a space flight suit worn by the first U.S. female astronaut in space."

Hey, Who Can Blame Her?

HPD Officer Accused Of Forging Doctor's Note - Houston News Story - KPRC Houston: "A veteran Houston Police Department officer has been charged with a felony crime, accused of falsifying notes from her doctor to avoid working her patrol duties, Local 2 Investigates reported Tuesday.
[. . . .]
Internal Affairs Division investigators said Shafer was avoiding her patrol duties while her colleagues were stuck working in Houston's triple-digit temperatures. She claimed injuries to her leg and was working inside an air-conditioned office called the Teleserve Unit, where officers file reports for citizens who call information in by phone."

Today's Western Movie Poster

Thanks Goodness It Wasn't One by the Village People

Suspicious package was an old record - "Police in California said a suspicious package delivered to the Cypress Police Department turned out to contain a record by 1970s band The Carpenters.

The police department said the Orange County Sheriff's Department bomb squad was called in to examine the package, which arrived at around noon Monday morning in unusual packaging with no return address and no postmark, The Orange County Register reported Tuesday."

I Think I'll Pass

Yours for $1 million, maybe even less: J.D. Salinger's toilet - Books - "It's almost as if 'The Catcher in the Rye' author J.D. Salinger saw this moment coming in 1953 when he retreated in growing distress about his own fame to small-town New Hampshire and became a notorious recluse.

Salinger's toilet, the ultimate symbol of privacy for a man notorious for defending his, is being auctioned on eBay.

A well-known memorabilia and collectibles dealer based in Kernersville who has stalked Salinger items for years is asking the standard eBay hey-look-at-this-bizarre-thing-I've-got price of $1 million but said he's open to reasonable offers."

Link via Neatorama.

20 Classic Last Words in Books

20 Classic Last Words in Books | Photo 1 of 21 |

Billy the Kid in Santa Fe

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bobby Thomson, R. I. P.

Bobby Thomson, 86, Dies - Hit ‘Shot Heard Round the World’ - Obituary (Obit) - "Bobby Thomson, who hit “the shot heard round the world” — an epic home run for the New York Giants against the Brooklyn Dodgers’ Ralph Branca at the Polo Grounds on Oct. 3, 1951, to climax baseball’s most memorable pennant drive — died Monday at his home in Savannah, Ga. He was 86."

Hat tip to Jeff Meyerson.

Happy Birthday, Maureen O'Hara!

Maureen O'Hara - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Maureen O'Hara (born 17 August 1920), born as Maureen FitzSimons, is an Irish film actress and singer. The famously red-headed O'Hara has been noted for playing fiercely passionate heroines with a highly sensible attitude. She often worked with director John Ford and longtime friend John Wayne. She published her autobiography, Tis Herself, in 2004."

I'm Shocked! -- Shocked!

Students from abroad work at Jersey Shore to experience American culture | "While American kids chase Snooki and Pauly D with cellphone cameras, kids from Moldova and Romania run the Tilt-a-Whirl and Wild Mouse.

While American kids drop Jager bombs and do Patron shots and slur their words, kids from Turkey and Taiwan serve Kohrs ice cream and make Three Brothers pizza and perfect their English."

Trying to End the Persecution

Paris Hilton to vigorously defend bad hair day | Reuters: "Many people have bad hair days, but one that cost $35 million? Not even Paris Hilton could do that -- at least, that's what she says.

Lawyers for the hotel heiress and socialite on Thursday said they 'will pursue all of our defenses vigorously and any potential counter claims' against a company that sued Hilton for $35 million claiming she broke a contract to wear its hair extensions."

Hat tip to Jeff Meyerson.

The Reformed Gun -- Marvin H. Albert

Concho Reynolds is the reformed gun of the title. "Who was going to believe that his name and reputation were not for sale any more?"

But it doesn't play out the way you might think. Reynolds is a young man, and he swears off being a hired gun when he takes part in a botched bank robbery. The other man who was in it with him is killed, and Concho is severely wounded. He makes it to Mexico, where he survives only because he's discovered lying near death by Ben Grant, a rancher who's rounding up mustangs to sell back in the U. S.

Grant has his own problems, namely that he's been in prison for several years for killing a man in self-defense. When he's released, he learns that his partner, Pete Cooley, has kept all the profits from their ranching operation for himself and has no intention of cutting Grant in for any of them. So Grant's trying to start over, and Cooley's planning to stop him.

Now you might think that everybody's trying to get Concho into gunfights and such, but that's not what happens. Concho goes to work for Grant, and . . . that's enough plot summary, or maybe too much. This is another slick job from Albert, 126 pages of entertainment for a quarter. Hard to beat.

Beloit College Mindset List for the Class of 2014

Beloit College Mindset List: "1. Few in the class know how to write in cursive.

2. Email is just too slow, and they seldom if ever use snail mail."

73 more items at the link.

25 Collectible Classic Car Books

25 Collectible Classic Car Books: "Welcome to the Beautiful Book Boutique. AbeBooks has many millions of books, many of which are rare books, collectible books, antiquarian books or unique books. They range in subject from collectible cookbooks and antique bibles to out-of-print pattern books and more. And every day, thousands of books sell and thousands more are added from booksellers all over the world."

So You Think You Know Jack?

Maybe not.

Today's Western Movie Poster

Golfing Vacation for Victor Gischler, Anthony Neil Smith, and Sean Doolittle?

Playing Golf in the Amazon: Where Water Hazard Means Piranhas - Yahoo! News: "The water traps are populated with piranhas; caimans - reptiles much like crocodiles though slightly smaller - tend to meander onto the course and sun themselves in the sand traps; the occasional red-tailed boa constrictor has been chased off by the grounds crew."

Don't Worry, There's Always Soylent Green

Artificial meat? Food for thought by 2050 | Environment | The Guardian: "Artificial meat grown in vats may be needed if the 9 billion people expected to be alive in 2050 are to be adequately fed without destroying the earth, some of the world's leading scientists report today.

But a major academic assessment of future global food supplies, led by John Beddington, the UK government chief scientist, suggests that even with new technologies such as genetic modification and nanotechnology, hundreds of millions of people may still go hungry owing to a combination of climate change, water shortages and increasing food consumption."

Elvis Presley Slideshow

Rare photos. Click here.

Some Blog Posts Deserve an Encore

But is this one of them?

Overland Stage Raiders

Monday, August 16, 2010

Joe Lansdale Update

The Workplace, Wet or Dry | Mulholland Books

No, Thanks

I'll just have a salad.

Possibly NSFW.

Possibly the Most Frightening Slideshow of the Month

We Were There: Cat Fashion Show at the Algonquin Hotel - Gothamist

How to Make a Croc Look Cuddly: Paint It Like a Panda

How to Make a Croc Look Cuddly: Paint It Like a Panda -

Comic Strip of the Day

20 New Ideas in Science

New Statesman - 20 new ideas in science

Eat like the King -- 8 Of Elvis Presley's Favorite Recipes

Eat like the King — and keep the Tums handy - foodwine -

Royal Blood -- Rhys Bowen

I haven't read this one yet because Judy grabbed it as soon as it came inside the house. So I asked her if she'd do a guest review. She said she doesn't do reviews, and she doesn't do computers, either. So I asked her if she'd just make a few comments and let me use those. She said that would be okay.

1. She loved the book.
2. She thought it was very funny.
3. She thought the mystery plot was good.
4. She liked all the characters, particularly the narrator, Lady Georgiana Rannoch, 34th in line to the throne.
4. She liked the setting (spooky castle in 1930s Transylvania)
5. She liked the writing style.
6. In short, she liked everything about the book.
7. This is the fourth book in the series, but she hadn't read any of the others and didn't find that a handicap at all.

So there you have it. Judy approves.

The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight

Suspect accidentally shot by accomplice during robbery attempt | | - News, Houston news, Texas News, Headlines: "A robbery suspect was in the hospital Saturday morning after one of his accomplices accidentally shot him in the stomach."

Today's Western Movie Poster

10 possible stars for The Expendables 2

10 possible stars for The Expendables 2 - Den of Geek

The White Piano is Still up for Grabs

Elvis Auction in Downtown Memphis Makes $654,740|, Memphis News, Entertainment, Videos, Business Search and Shopping

Yet Another Post of Great Interest

With video!

Roll on Texas Moon

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Overweight Teen Arrested For Stabbing Mother Over Cheeseburger [Video] � Hip-Hop Wired: "A Toledo, Ohio teenager was arrested after police say he became enraged that his mother did not bring him a Rally's cheeseburger and stabbed her.

Vergie Dean says her 6'3 300 pound son Aaron stabbed her with a butcher knife after she came home with a cheeseburger for herself and not for him."

Quasimodo Update

Real-life Quasimodo uncovered in Tate archives - Telegraph: "Clues suggesting that Quasimodo is based on a historical figure have been uncovered in the memoirs of Henry Sibson, a 19th-century British sculptor who was employed at the cathedral at around the time the book was written and who describes a hunched back stonemason also working there."

And One Pack Mule to Carry Everything

Retail - Back to School? Bring Your Own Toilet Paper - CNBC: "When Emily Cooper headed off to first grade in Moody, Ala., last week, she was prepared with all the stuff on her elementary school’s must-bring list: two double rolls of paper towels, three packages of Clorox wipes, three boxes of baby wipes, two boxes of garbage bags, liquid soap, Kleenex and Ziplocs."

I'm Shocked! -- Shocked!

Furor over Miss Universe's sexy body-paint photos - "Here are the sexy photos that have caused a world of controversy for the Miss Universe pageant.

The beauty contest has been rapped for having its contestants strip down -- with some even doffing their bikini tops -- for a series of racy photos that feature them wearing little more than decorative body paint."

New Story at BEAT to a PULP

BEAT to a PULP :: New Boyfriend :: William Blick

The Decline of Western Civilization Continues Apace

'Jersey Shore' posts record-breaking episode | "The Aug. 12 episode of Jersey Shore attracted a whopping 5.5 million viewers – a series high for the reality show. It also posted a record high 5.3 rating among persons 12-34, making it the No. 1 telecast of 2010 in the key, young demographic.

For the third straight week, Jersey Shore was Thursday’s No. 1 telecast of the day among persons 12-23, across all of TV. In the episode, Angelina admitted she talked trash about Snooki and JWoww."

The Call of Cthulhu in Under Two Minutes

Link via Neatorama.

He Should Have Stuck to Keeping Kids off His Lawn

Elderly man with walker robs B.C. bank: "A speedy getaway is usually critical for bank robbers, but perhaps not for an elderly B.C. man who this week held up a bank — and while using a black walker.

While no weapon was produced, the 75-year-old told staff at a Prince George Bank of Nova Scotia that he was armed. Staff surrendered a small amount of cash and the robber made his getaway as RCMP were called around 11:45 a.m. Friday."

It Was 41 Years Ago Today

This Day in Music History Spotlight: The Calm before the Woodstock Storm: "When people think of Woodstock, raucous rock acts often come to mind. There’s The Who blasting through Tommy in the early morning hours, Santana cooking up Latin rock jams, and Jimi Hendrix making his guitar scream “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

So it’s easy to forget that the Woodstock Music & Art Fair (as it was formally called) began with a rather low-key first day, back on August 15, 1969."
Ernie Maresca -- "The Spirit of Woodstock"

Paul Ryan Rudd, R. I. P.

Paul Ryan Rudd, 70, Stage, Film and TV Actor, Dies - Obituary (Obit) - "Paul Ryan Rudd, an actor of the 1970s and ’80s who came to his profession late and left it early but in between drew critical praise for his work on Broadway and in the New York Shakespeare Festival, died on Thursday at his home in Greenwich, Conn. He was 70.

Billed throughout his career simply as Paul Rudd, Mr. Rudd was no relation to the younger contemporary film actor of that name. His Broadway credits include the Gentleman Caller in a 1975 revival of “The Glass Menagerie” starring Maureen Stapleton and Pamela Payton-Wright; Billy, the tortured young soldier, in the original cast of David Rabe’s “Streamers” in 1976; and Romeo opposite Ms. Payton-Wright in a 1977 “Romeo and Juliet” at the Circle in the Square Theater."

Hat tip to Jeff Meyerson.

Today's Western Movie Poster

The Nailer

Thieves use breasts to distract victim - Telegraph: "Police in France are looking for two attractive female thieves who bared their breasts at a man at a cashpoint to distract him before stealing his money."

Hat tip to Fred Zackel.

Top Ten Conspiracy Theories

Top Ten Conspiracy Theories | LiveScience

Guns? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Guns!

'The Other Guys' Movie Poster Disarmed By Muni - San Francisco News - The Snitch: "​The forthcoming Will Ferrell-Mark Wahlberg flick The Other Guys may yet be riddled with pot shots from film critics. Poor Ferrell and Wahlberg -- on Muni, they can't shoot back.

While the official poster for the film features a maniacal Ferrell and the menacing Wahlberg sailing through the air, guns drawn, the version in Muni stations features Ferrell brandishing a vial of pepper spray and Wahlberg relying upon his bare fists. This is not a coincidence."

Van Ryan's Express