Sunday, January 13, 2008

Gator Update (Doggin' It Edition)

Alligators attack dogs behind Delray Home Depot: "DELRAY BEACH — One dog remains missing today after alligators swarmed it and its two companions in the lake between a Home Depot and Interstate 95 Northbound.

Fire rescuers situated on the interstate worked themselves through the thick sawgrass to get to the lake while more rescue units waited on the other side, behind the Home Depot off Linton Boulevard. It was from there that witnesses apparently saw an alligator moving in on three dogs and call the fire rescuers, said Fire-Rescue Battalion Chief Russ

When units got there the alligator grabbed one of the dogs and pulled it down, Accardi said. Officials on boat tried searching for it but haven't found anything. Upon being rescued a second dog ran away, while the third, a 7- to 8-month-old puppy, was too shocked to move."


Anonymous said...

Fantastic. I gotta get myself an alligator!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Holy carp! I've been there. In fact it's just a few miles from where we'll be staying next month.

*goes to get gator-hunting equipment*

Jeff M.

Unknown said...

Better get the heavy-duty stuff, Jeff. And a camouflage suit might be in order.