Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Kill People. Go to Prison. Profit.

US paid hit-man $20,000 on release from prison - The Boston Globe: "When hit man-turned-government witness John Martorano strolled out of prison last year after serving only a dozen years for 20 murders, the federal government gave him $20,000 cash to help him start a new life.

Officials defended the payment yesterday, saying it is not unusual for witnesses, like Martorano, who decline to join the federal witness protection program to get money to help them survive after their release from prison.

But the families of some of Martorano's victims and some lawyers familiar with the case say such payments are wrong."


Anonymous said...

I thought this was going to be an O.J. story but then I remembered - no prison (as yet).


Anonymous said...

It's that Italian last name, Bill. It works wonders with government employees. Cuz the Mafia and the government, they're both in the same racket: vice and extortion. The only difference is, the Mafia actually delivers a product or a service. The government doesnt. But for some reason nobody gets pissed. The Mafia's still tryin' to get a handle on that angle.