Saturday, August 07, 2010

Reality TV: The Bottom of the Barrel? Part 2 Part 1

Utah polygamists star in reality TV show | The Salt Lake Tribune: "“Sister Wives,” a seven-episode series on the TLC network, is the first reality show that follows a polygamous family. The show profiles Kody Brown and his three sister wives, a group of fundamentalist Mormons in Utah (the family does not want to reveal the city it live in)."


Deb said...

A 30-minute weekly wrap-up on "The Soup" is about as much reality TV as I can stand.

Todd Mason said...

I'll say No to the question...THE CHAIR and THE CHAMBER, the primetime broadcast network torure "game" shows, are a hard barrell scraping to slip under. Even FEAR FACTOR and SURVIVOR didn't actually force issues of that sort.