Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Big Trouble in Little China


Stephen B said...

Actually this is related to BUCKAROO BANZAI, or is it? In turn BUCKAROO and his men seemed to be inspired by the pulps and Doc Savage.

Plans never progressed for BUCKAROO BANZAI VS THE WORLD LEAGUE - and W.D. Richter may have had a story treatment was probably carried over and eventually became part of BIG TROUBLE. It might be true.

Stephen B said...

(Old post, but I admit that I was not correct):

The film for BIG TROUBLE was only done from a script re-written by author Richter (who wrote BUCKAROO BANZAI Across the Eighth Dimension). Not his own original script, I think - Starlog from Aug 1986 said:

"Originally conceived as a period western by neophyte writers Gary Goldman and David Weinstein, Big Trouble was updated, streamlined and extensively rewritten by Richter."