Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way

No pool, no problem: Neighbors take a dip in a water-filled Dumpster | | - News, Houston news, Texas News, Headlines: "It's slim pickings when it comes to finding a public swimming pool in Oak Cliff, so a Dumpster will have to do.

'Everybody thinks this is really weird,' conceded Marianna Griggs, who leased the king-size trash container to create a refreshing respite.
[. . . .]
It was lined with a billboard tarp after ridding it of trash, sanding down the sides and washing it down with bleach and water.

Griggs pours in half a bottle of bleach every few days to ward off bacteria. Her younger cousins don't seem to worry about what might have previously occupied the watering hole.

'This tarp is pretty tough; it's double-layered,' said Jose Barrientes."

Video at the link.


Richard R. said...

It's the height to Klass. Yessir! Don't see a diving board, though.

Jody said...

Probably more sanitary than the cow pond my cousins & I used to swim in!

Jerry House said...

A new twist on dumpster diving!

Anonymous said...

Hey, this isn't original. We had them in Brooklyn last summer and this year they are having them on Park Avenue!

Check it out.


Bill Crider said...

Dang. I'm not changing the headline, though.