Saturday, August 07, 2010

Hard Case Crime Update

The Rap Sheet: Hard Case Sticks to Its Guns


Anonymous said...

Maybe I shouldn't say it out loud but I'd rather see more Hard Case Crime books and less HAVEN.


MP said...

When I heard the Dorchester news yesterday I wasn't much concerned about Hard Case since I knew they weren't really owned by Dorchester. I've bought and enjoyed many of the HC books, and wish Ardai all the best in keeping the line going. I guess I'd read a HC on a Kindle if I had to, but with HC the package itself is part of the pleasure to a greater extent than with most paperbacks.

And sorry, Charles, but I've got to agree with Jeff about "Haven".

Hard Case Crime said...

Ah, wait till you see the second half of the season. There are some episodes coming up I bet you'll like. (The first two for which I wrote the story aren't till the second half...)

But if you still don't like it even then, that's okay -- and please don't ever hesitate to say things like that. I need to hear when stuff I'm doing is working for you and when it isn't.