Monday, August 02, 2010

He's Joking, Right?

Paul the Octopus 'to record Elvis tribute album' | "‘One of the most exciting things is that he has a record deal in place for an album, called Paul The Octopus Sings Elvis,’ said Mr Davies.

‘There are books being written, a range of octopus toys are coming out this Christmas and there is even a new iPhone app.’"

Hat tip to Jeff Meyerson.

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Todd Mason said...

"Paul the Octopus: set to record an album of Elvis covers, apparently, despite, you know, being an octopus"

What, none of you guys remember Presley's fine recordings of "Cracking a Shellfish with My Beak" or "Clinbing Out of My Tank and Splooshing Across the Floor Becuase I Assume There's Gotta Be More Seawater/Ocean Around Here Somewhere"? Also, "A Little Less Conversation" is often cited as mollusk favorite. Certainly an octopus really knows how to deliver some Elvis leg.