Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's Hard Inside for a Ripper

Yorkshire Ripper nearly blinded after Broadmoor killer stabbed his face five times
| Mail Online
: "Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe was repeatedly stabbed in the face by another killer in a frenzied attack inside Broadmoor, a court heard yesterday.

Patrick Sureda screamed 'I'll teach you, you b******, for killing all those women' before grabbing 63-year-old around the neck.

The paranoid schizophrenic repeatedly lunged at Sutcliffe's only good eye using a blunt 7-inch table knife as horrified nurses at the top security hospital tried to pull him off."


Toni said...

I'm trying to summon up sympathy for the guy... Okay, I've got a little. Nobody should be attacked that way, even in prison for multiple murder.

Mark P Sadler said...

bring back the death penalty and let them be sentenced to die in the manner their victim died - and in a public setting. We started doing that there would be a lot less murders.

Deb said...

I have to wonder if the guards, etc., just sat back for a few minutes before they stepped in to stop the mayhem. I felt that way about the death of Jeffrey Dahmer too--it just seemed too convenient that he'd be alone with another inmate who just happened to have a weapon.

JerThom said...

I'll save my sympathy for the real innocent victims.

Noel O'Gara said...

Sutcliffe was a copycat killer who had been eliminated 12 times prior to his arrest.