Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mickey Mouse!

Mickey Mouse Birthday: Star Celebrates 81 Years (PHOTOS): "Mickey Mouse is celebrating his 81st birthday!

The Disney icon had his debut in the cartoon short 'Steamboat Willy' on November 18, 1928, according to Disney.

Since he premiered at the Colony Theater in New York 81 years ago, Mickey Mouse has traveled the world; hobnobbed with celebrities and children; been reincarnated into figurines, avatars, stuffed animals, and t-shirts; and enjoyed numerous makeovers.

The cartoon character's 'look' has grown with technology, and the celebrity mouse has morphed from a hand-drawn, black-and-white figurine, to a sleeker, colorful, computerized cartoon."


Storage Containers said...
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Dan said...

Mickey's still doing well, despite the divorces and rumors of a Gouda habit...