Friday, November 20, 2009

And You Should See His Lawnmower

101-Year-Old Man Buys a 426-Horsepower Camaro - Wheels Blog - "Eight months older than General Motors, Virgil Coffman clearly is not whom Chevrolet had in mind when it decided to bring back the Camaro.

But a bright yellow, 426-horsepower Camaro SS is exactly what Mr. Coffman, who turns 102 in January, wanted when he went to a Chevy dealership near his home in Decatur, Ill., in September. He ordered a “Transformers” special edition model, which is adorned with black stripes to resemble the character Bumblebee from the blockbuster movie."

Hat tip to Jeff Meyerson.


Richard Robinson said...

Cool. I hope he drives the hell out of it.

Gerard Saylor said...

Mr. Coffman, who has outlived his wife and three children

That's some tough living.

Cap'n Bob said...

He drives around at 25 mph with the turn signal on the whole time.

Richard Robinson said...

No, Cap,n, that was when he had his Buick.