Saturday, November 21, 2009

Croc Update (Texas Leads the Way Edition)

Cranky croc finds new home in Texas - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation): "It has taken several planes, a crane and good dose of valium, but a giant Northern Territory crocodile named Errol has made it all the way to Texas Zoo.

At 4.7 metres, 50-year-old Errol is so long that he could not fit into a crate that would meet airline requirements.

He did not take kindly to being moved out of the pen at the Darwin Crocodile Farm where he has spent the past 28 years.

But with the help of some sedatives, Errol was put in a specially built box with his tail wrapped round to make sure he fit within airline cargo limits.
[. . . .]
Dr Britton says Errol should draw lots of visitors because he will be the largest saltwater crocodile in North America."

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