Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Worst TV Ideas Of The Decade

The Worst TV Ideas Of The Decade - Film.com


Todd Mason said...

Elizabeth Rohm-bashing...my goodness, what a stale pie of herd-opinion bullshit. As if the scripts she was given on LAW AND ORDER gave her anything to do. (She was fine in ANGEL and the Wall Steet TNT cable drama BULL.) L&O running Ripped From the Headlines Through the Ground and Deep into the Earth's Mantle would be the better example of A Really Bad Idea over the last decade.

MP said...

Although we can certainly blame David Milch for the wretched "John From Cincinnati", he wasn't responsible for the premature demise of "Deadwood". A fourth and final season of "Deadwood" was in the works until HBO decided the show was too expensive to produce given the size of the audience it was attracting. There was also talk of a four hour movie that would bring the series to its natural conclusion, but that never happened.