Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I Was Nowhere Around

Thanks to Jeff Meyerson for the link.

iWon News - Dwarf Crocodile Snatched From Aquarium: "OSLO, Norway (AP) - A dwarf crocodile has been snatched from the Bergen aquarium by apparently knowledgeable thieves who broke into its cage and walked out with the 27-inch reptile named Taggen, the aquarium director said Monday.

'We know that somebody broke into the cage,' Kees Oscar Ekeli, a marine biologist and head of the Bergen Aquarium, said by telephone. 'It was almost tame. This one comes over when you open the cage, so capturing it was no big feat.'

The missing four-year-old Taggen is a Paleosuchus Trigonatus, also known by the name Schneider's dwarf caiman. Ekeli said such smooth-fronted caimans are among one of the world's smallest species of crocodile, can grow to 21.5 feet, and are normally found in South America."

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