Saturday, April 05, 2008

Emsh Covers

Reading the bio of Ed and Carol Emshwiller encouraged me to put together a new slideshow over on the right, this one featuring some Emsh covers.


Anonymous said...

As I'm sure I mentioned before, learning early on that Carol Emshwiller was often the model for the women in EE's paintings encouraged an adolescent crush on her...something that reading such fiction as (as you mentioned) "Pelt" and "Hunting Machine" and "Sex and/or Mr. Morrison" at about that same age did nothing to diminish. Sad to read of the tough times they went through, in the book, but very glad Luis pulled all the materials together he did...well past time for that. I don't remember if he included the fact that the film footage in DON'T LOOK BACK of Bob Dylan at the voting rights rally in the south, early in the film, was shot by Ed Emshwiller, who made a gift of it to Pennebaker for the latter's film. I think it was Emsh footage of Pete Seeger from the same rally that was recently visible in the AMERICAN MASTERS episode about Seeger PBS just debuted the other week.

Unknown said...

I read that about the Dylan footage, but I don't remember where.