Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Carnival of the Criminal Minds

The Carnival of Criminal Minds has come to town courtesy of the lovely and talented Barbara Fister. Come one, come all.

There are no sideshows in this carnival, just main attractions, that is, links to other crime fiction blogs so you can check 'em out. (Some might argue that this isn't really a crime fiction blog, and who am I to argue? Still, I'm going to use the word other because I want to.) You can find the previous carnival here, and the next one will be here. But I digress.

Where should we begin? Well, I guess we could begin and end with Crimespot, the blog aggregator that will give you links to a lot more blogs than this one will. I won't end there, however, even though my natural laziness leads me to want to. Instead, I'll press on.

Next up is A Writer's Life, where Lee Goldberg reviews books, gives you the TV Main Title of the Day, and tells of his great love for fanfic.

Bookgasm doesn't devote itself exclusively to crime fiction, but there are a lot of reviews of it there. Not to mention other good stuff. It's a don't-miss daily visit.

Jon the Crimespree guy doesn't update the Central Crime Zone every day, but when he does, you don't want to miss out.

And speaking of Jordans, there's the velvet fist in the iron glove of Jennifer Jordan, Human under Construction. Not always mystery-related, but I, of all people, can't complain.

You all must already have Sarah Weinman's blog bookmarked. She gets more hits in ten minutes at Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind than I get in a week.

Wanna know what's happening in crime fiction in Ireland? Declan Burke says that Crime Always Pays.

Over at the Crime Fiction Dossier, David Montgomery will tell you about the Book of the Week, among other things. (Yes, it's true that none of my books have never been Book of the Week, but I'm a big-hearted guy.)

You gotta keep up with the Crime Dogs, and Anthony Neil Smith is Crimedog One.

Short stories? I love 'em. So do the folks at Criminal Brief.

Lonnie Cruse writes books about '57 Chevrolets, so you know I'm going to check her blog and go Cruse'n with Lonnie now and then.

How young is Dave White? Dave White is so young that I have shirts older than Dave White. His Writing Block often features video from an obscure TV series that only he watches.

Peter Rozovsky keeps as close watch on crime fiction outside the U.S., and you'll want to keep up with Detectives Beyond Borders, too.

Speaking of which, Martin Edwards, over in Merrie England, has a thoughtful and entertaining blog with one of my favorite titles: Do You Write under Your Own Name?

No matter whether he's writing about books or movies or anything else, Ed Gorman is always worth reading. A definite must.

There are too many Femmes Fatales for me to list, so just check the blog.

Allan Guthrie is a Hard Man, and those are good to find.

Hey, There's a Dead Guy in the Living Room is another group blog. And wotta group! You'll have to take a look if you didn't click the link above. They hosted the carnival before me.

I'm sure none of The Lady Killers has ever really killed anyone. Right? Right?

Some very funny women write The Lipstick Chronicles, but sometimes they get serious.

The Murderati are something like the literati except they write about murder. And a whole lot of other stuff.

The best source of crime-related writing research on the 'net? Maybe Steve Lewis's Mystery*File. See if you agree.

Reviews of short stories? What a great idea. They can be found at Nasty, Brutish, and Short.

Patti Abbott writes crime stories. Hey, she lives in Detroit. What would you expect? Motown tunes?

Poe's Deadly Daughters is another group blog, always fun to read.

Mark Coggins sits behind Riordan's Desk. Interesting posts and interesting pictures.

James Reasoner is the author of Dust Devils, one of the best books of 2007, as well as a few hundred (I'm not making that up) other books. He's a nice guy with a few Rough Edges.

Sandra Ruttan is shy about expressing her opinions, but occasionally she'll let something slip at Sandrababbler.

I've known Sandra Scoppottone for a while. I'm even tuckerized in one of her books. So naturally I read her Writing Thoughts.

Sean Doolittle
is another of the Crime Dogs.

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Paul Bishop said...

Thanks for adding mneminto the mix.


Declan Burke said...

Bill - Much obliged for the mention, sir ... you do me a great honour, especially considering the company. Cheers, Dec

Peter Rozovsky said...

That's quite a midway on your edition of the carnival. Texas, once again, leads the way. Thanks for the mention!
Detectives Beyond Borders
"Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"

Peter Rozovsky said...

I didn't know Steve Hockensmith had a Web site until now. Thanks. I recently read and enjoyed Holmes on the Range, so I'll be sure to look in.
Detectives Beyond Borders
"Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"