Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Ballad of Lost C'Mell, New Edition

Cow-human cross embryo lives three days | "HUMAN-cow embryos have been created in a world first at Newcastle University in England, hailed by the scientific community, but labelled 'monstrous' by opponents.

A team has grown hybrid embryos after injecting human DNA into eggs taken from cows' ovaries, which had most of their genetic material removed."


Anonymous said...

Jeff Segal, in sending this along to FicttionMags2, was reminded of Piers Anthony's story in AGAIN, DANGEROUS VISIONS, "In the Barn."

Anonymous said...

crossing human dna into animal dna cannot diminish the human race in any way. animals are a lot nicer. it can only make us better. even if we were crossed with a fungus. we would be better.

Anonymous said...

i been thinking about this some more. there is a downside: it would screw-up the animal.