Friday, April 04, 2008


Thanks to George Kelley for the link.
Dirty, sexy money: The writer Rupert Smith on his lucrative porn-lit sideline - Features, Books - The Independent: "With his legit literary career heading for the doldrums, a despondent Rupert Smith took on a 'nom de porn', James Lear, and entered the parallel universe of erotica. Now he sells more copies than Alan Hollinghurst..."


Anonymous said...

i never read a writing article that packed so much information so fast, so relentlessly, so exhaustively to where the reader is trying to catch his breath from the pace while the writer is still pulling ahead with the reader going "hey, wait up, slow down!" this guy is one great communicator. yeah, ok, he writes gay porn, i know, ya dont haffta remind me. let's just stay with the topic at hand and not drift over into some other part of the lagoon, ok?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great hobby! Plus I liked the comments about Lawrence Block's lesbian novels.
George Kelley