Wednesday, January 09, 2008

When Bikers Meet Humans -- J. J. Solari

Okay, it's here. What's here? The new collection of stories J. J. Solari, author of the legendary "No Class Chick." He's also a frequent commenter on this blog. My opinion isn't influenced by that or even by the fact that in the "about the author" section he names Paris Hilton as one of the seven "most iconic Americans deserving of their reputations."

If you've read "No Class Chick" and liked it, then you're already sold on this collection, and you know what kind of stories it contains. If you don't know, well, the cover illustration might give you an idea. And that little note at the bottom about "socially unredeeming tales."

You think you've read edgy stuff before? These stories are over the edge. The very first story is "Black Biker," which is only a few pages long but which contains something to offend just about everybody I can think of.
It's so unPC that you might not be able to believe it. It's a test to see if you can read the others, I suspect. The other story I've read so far is "The Burial of Mokes," which is almost as sick and warped as "No Class Chick." I mean that in a good way, but you'd have to be as warped an nuts as I am to understand.

So if you want something completely different, something really out there, you can order a copy by e-mailing The price is $13.13, plus postage. You might even get a signed copy, though the author objects to defacing books.


Randy Johnson said...

I've read "The Burial of Mokes." I think you had a link to it once. I may have to buy the book, as I've been told before that I'm warped and a little nuts also.

Unknown said...

My estimate is that the power of the blog will sell two books. You'd make one of them.

I did have a link to that story.

Anonymous said...

This is wild stuff. J.J. is hard to figure sometimes, and I think that's just the way he wants it. But he has a wit and a raw power. I read NO CLASS CHICK back in the old Easy Rider days, and thought it was brilliant. In fact, would love to see that back in print again. Joe

Unknown said...

I have to agree about the wit and raw power. Maybe too raw for some, but worth the price if you're on the right wavelength. Or the wrong one.

Anonymous said...

blu-ray won out over hd-dvd. the cooler name always wins. oh, I'm sorry: am i in the wrong blog?

Unknown said...

Cool names never lose. I hope this book is selling more copies than mine. Well, that's a lie, but I hope it's selling very well.