Thursday, January 10, 2008

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way

The video on the site won't play on my computer. Maybe your luck will be better, or maybe you can find it on YouTube.

Update: Thanks to Brent McKee for this link to the video.

Zoo lets guests play tug of war with lions, tigers | News for Austin, Texas | | Top Stories: "While visiting the Houston Zoo recently, Ayala, a Houston attorney, recorded a short clip of video which is now posted on YouTube.

It shows caretakers at the Houston Zoo taking a 20-pound chunk of raw meat tied onto a rope and tossing it into a lion’s pen.

Guests then got to tug on the rope."


Brent McKee said...

Bill, I think this is the link to the video or at least a similar situation. I can't find the tiger video shown on the newscast (but it was tiny) although there was a similar video posted 11 months ago. Search for Houston Zoo Tigers.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Brent. I've added the link to the original post.