Monday, August 02, 2010

Noir 13 -- Ed Gorman

This has been a good year for anybody wanting to read some fine short stories by Ed Gorman (and who doesn't?). First there was the hefty Ramble House collection, The End of it All, and now comes Noir 13 from Perfect Crime Books. Let's face it: Gorman's one of the best short-story writers around, and you can't go wrong if you buy both these collections. The current one has (you guessed it) 13 stories, some of them never before published, which makes it even more enticing. Get it now, and get The End of it All if you haven't bought it already.


  1. I will check out NOIR 13. Great cover and title.

    I'm still enjoying THE END OF IT ALL.

  2. I'm reading a Gorman novel now, Harlot moon, so I'll definitely be looking for these.

  3. Jerry House11:06 AM

    Great cover. Is that what Ed looks like sans mustache?

  4. Fred Zackel7:32 PM

    Beautiful cover, too!