Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Solly Hemus, R. I. P.

Houston Chronicle: Former Cardinals player and manager Solly Hemus, the last big-league manager alive who had managed in the 1950s, died at age 94 on Monday in Houston. He had been in ill health.


Don Coffin said...

He was a better player than I remembered; led the NL in runs scored in 1952, had a career OPS+ of 115 in 3251 plate appearances. Did not play (to speak of) in the majors until he was 28 (1951) and had 500+ PA in only 3 seasons. Apparently a better-than-average defensive SS in his 3 years as a regular.

I'm surprised to see that he managed in only 3 seasons (the last one--1961, partial) and was finished as a major league manager at age 38. He was a coach for the Mets & Indiana and then "went into the oil business."

Jeff Meyerson said...

I remember him mostly from Jim Brosnan's THE LONG SEASON. Let's just say he wasn't impressed with his managerial skills.

Rick said...

In 1959, Hemus appeared in a couple of dozen games—mostly as a pinch hitter—while manager.
Player-managers after 1950 are real rarities. The last one might have been Pete Rose for one season..
(Rick Libott)