Monday, July 11, 2011 Emperor Dad eBook: Henry Melton: Kindle Store

I've read this one. It's good stuff and a real bargain at 99 cents. Emperor Dad eBook: Henry Melton: Kindle Store: "James Hill saw the theft of the British Crown Jewels live on CNN and had an uneasy suspicion that his father had invented teleportation. Nothing less could explain the theft and it made sense of his brilliant father's secretive new job. Bob Hill knew his discovery was likely to cause global disruption, and it was a development that couldn't be hidden away for long. To goad the nations into quickly finding ways to protect themselves, he'd decided to play-act a supervillian, right out of a James Bond movie, a self-proclaimed 'Emperor of Earth' holding the world hostage. And the nations did react, finding a way to poison him in his secret hideaway inside Mt. Rushmore. But no one counted on James hacking his way into the family computer and giving himself access to the technology. With Mom and Oriel Meirieu, the beautiful girl he'd met while popping over to visit Paris, they evade the FBI, INTERPOL and even black-ops agents, saving Bob's life and facing the question: What exactly is a legal claim to power?"

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Scott Cupp said...

This is a very fun book as all of Henry's books are. I have a special fondness for this one though, as it was his first and my nephew did the cover. And at 99 cents, you cannot lose.