Friday, July 15, 2011

14 American Cars That Were a Total Flop |

14 American Cars That Were a Total Flop


Benjie said...

Yes, I was the proud driver (my parents owned them) of a couple of models of the number 1 gem on this list.

Deb said...

The AMC Gremlin is on the list, but not the even-worse AMC Pacer?

I learned to drive a stick-shift in my brother's Pinto. Thank God, we're both still alive to tell the tale.

Brent McKee said...

Calling the Avanti a flop is more than a little unfair. It didn't die because of any inherent mechanical or design flaws but by bad management decisions and bad publicity. The car itself sold well - to the point where there were only five left at the factory when Studebaker shut down - and producton of small numbers of cars continued for many years after that. In fact Avanti's appear to have been made as late as 2006. Hardly a flop.