Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Theodore Roszak, R. I. P.

Theodore Roszak - 'Counter Culture' author dies: "The counterculture was never a dim relic of the 1960s for Theodore Roszak. It was a vibrant, ever-evolving zeitgeist of thinking beyond every box in sight, of endlessly exploring the essence of humankind and its relationship with the Earth.

He passionately and constantly espoused that view through his many books, lectures and teachings as a history professor - and relatives say he was still writing right up until the day he died of cancer, on July 5 at his Berkeley home."

I still have a copy of MAKING OF A COUNTER CULTURE.


Vince said...

And his novel FLICKER is absolutely brilliant. One of the great thrillers.

George said...

I still have my copy of THE MAKING OF THE COUNTER-CULTURE, too. Too bad things didn't work out as Roszak thought.