Friday, July 15, 2011

Elderly? Suddenly I Feel Ancient.

Elderly Couple Charged with Conspiracy, Embezzlement: "The door bell at a waterfront home in Galveston went unanswered: Its owners no where to be found.

It's the home of 64-year-old Ronald Witt and his wife 52-year-old Anita. They've been charged with conspiracy and embezzlement."


Caroline Clemmons said...

Hey! Since when is fifty-two elderly? Or 64, for that matter. They aren't even old enough for socila security. I think of my 90 year old friend as elderly. Article was probably written by some kid just out of journalism school, the jerk.

Deb said...

This happens in Agatha Christie's books. She'll refer to a female character as "elderly," and a little later we learn that the woman in question is about 50.

/No matter how old I am, "elderly" is always older than me.

Anonymous said...

I'm always shocked to find out Miss Marple and cronies are...younger than me? Whaddya mean, elderly! Life in those English villages must have been hazardous if not aging.