Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It Doesn't Say These are the Best Ones

30 Classic Opening Movie Scenes


Anonymous said...

I've seen most of them and some really good choices there (JAWS, SUNSET BOULEVARD). But there are others I would have chosen:

Saturday Night Fever
American Hot Wax

to name two.


Dan_Luft said...

I would add the opening shot of Henry Fonda's watch in YOURS, MINE AND OURS. Not a good movie but the shot that starts on his watch and pulls up into a helicopter so you can see the whole aircraft carrier, is great. Way too great for the movie that follows.

Anonymous said...

Jurassic Park?
HIgh Noon?

I agree with Jeff, a few of these I'd pick, but most... not.

Brent McKee said...


Three men standing or sitting around a railroad station in the middle of a desert. Nothing is said for five minutes. The water drips from the water tower on one, a fly buzzes around a second. The train pulls in. The men wait for someone to get off. No one does. The train pulls away and Charles Bronson is standing on the other side of the tracks. Jack Elam says, "I guess we brought one horse too few." Guns blast. "No, you brought two horses too many," Bronsn tells the corpses.