Saturday, July 16, 2011


2011: Year of the Hot Movie Scientist - Hollywood Prospectus Blog: "It’s time we gave credit where credit is due for this new golden age for preposterous PhDs. It was Denise Richards' groundbreaking performance as nuclear physicist (!) Christmas Jones (!!), in 1999’s bad Bond film, The World Is Not Enough, that really made Hollywood rethink who was qualified to portray Mensa members onscreen. No longer were we forced to hear monologues about gigawatts from actors who had conceivably heard of gigawatts! Truly, Denise Richards was the Jackie Robinson of cinema’s unfair IQ line, and she deserves our thanks."

Hat tip to Vince Keenan.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing. The amazing thing is that Bill did not write this piece, which echoes everything he's been saying (other than calling for an Oscar nod) since 1999.

Bill, you were ahead of the curve on this one.