Sunday, February 27, 2011

No Comment Department

'The King's Speech' to get a PG-13 re-release | Inside Movies | "The MPAA announced today that The King’s Speech will be re-released by the Weinstein Company with a PG-13 rating. The film had famously received an R rating for a scene in which Geoffrey Rush’s character encourages Colin Firth’s King George VI to curse like a commoner in order to help him get over his stutter."

Okay, wait, I do have a comment. Or a question. Suppose the film wins the Oscar for "best picture." The version that people will now pay to see won't be the picture that won, now will it?


Deb said...

I can't believe it--that's so idiotic, I almost hope the movie doesn't win Best Picture.

Anonymous said...


OK, now you didn't miss anything.

I love the "curse like a commoner" line, as if royals don't swear.


Sir Seepy Benton said...

Since I just recently discovered that some of my ancestors from 800 years ago were members of England's "privileged" class, I certainly don't want to hear King George "curse like a commoner." However, since it's really only Colin Firth doing it, who gives a #%@!?

Todd Mason said...

The reclassification doesn't mean any change in the film. THAT's how meaningless the ratings are...approximately as meaningless, except commercially, as are the Oscars.