Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Preview of Coming Attractions

Hold on tight for a literary thrill-ride into the wickedly clever, frightening, and exhilarating world of Top Suspense, a sizzling collaboration of twelve master storytellers, including three DEAD MAN writers, at the peak of their powers in thirteen unforgettable tales. This pulse-pounding anthology – packed full of cold-blooded killers, erotic tension, shady private eyes, craven drug dealers, vicious betrayals, crafty thieves, and shocking twists – is only a taste of the thrills you will find in the breathtakingly original ebooks by these authors at So sit back, bite down on a piece of strong leather, and prepare to get hit by some gale-force suspense and writing so sharp that it will draw blood.


Gar Haywood said...

Bill, if you wrote this copy, you really need to step away from the coffee machine and put down the bottle of 5-Hour Energy. If Charlie Sheen were a crime writer, this is what his press releases would sound like.

Bill Crider said...

Must have more . . . Red Bull.