Thursday, March 03, 2011

Edward Wellen and Barbara Whitehead, R. I. P.

Deaths Noted: EDWARD WELLEN and BARBARA WHITEHEAD.: "Reported first by Jiro Kimura on his Gumshoe website, mystery and SF writer Edward Wellen died on January 15, 2011. Noted primarily for his short fiction, Mr. Wellen wrote two crime novels included in the Revised Crime Fiction IV, by Allen J. Hubin, and one collection of criminous short stories.
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The death of author Barbara Whitehead was reported first by UK mystery writer Martin Edwards on his blog, Do You Write Under Your Own Name?."

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Todd Mason said...

Actually, Wellen wrote at least three crime-fiction novels, as Jerry House and I were discussing the other day on his site...GOLDBRICK was published in the 11/78 F&SF, despite being at best the most borderline of near-future sf (it's essentially a contemporary espionage novel), not f at all (and was presented in microprint so as to pack it into the back of one issue). This was one of my early FFBs.

Wellen was one of the utter masters of the vignette