Saturday, March 05, 2011

No One Will Hear You -- Max Allan Collins and Matthew Clemens

This is the second in the Collins/Clemens series about J. C. Harrow and his Killer TV team, the stars of a TV reality show called Crime Scene. You might think it would be hard to top a first season that featured Harrow calling out the killer of his family on national TV. You'd be wrong.

As he and some of the team members are thinking about calling it quits after the season ends, they find themselves involved in tracking down not one but two serial killers, known as Billy (or Billie) Shears and Don Juan. One attacks men; the other targets women. It's obvious almost from the start that their plan is to become stars on Crime Scene, and Don Juan e-mails videos of his kills, demanding that they be put on the air. If they're not, he says, he'll kill more. And more.

There are plenty of grisly details and some CSI stuff. There's romance. There's humor. The result is a highly entertaining package that's guaranteed to keep you turning pages past your bedtime. Check it out.

Bonus: The book is dedicated to our cop and blogger buddy, Paul Bishop.

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Unknown said...

I read NO ONE WILL HEAR YOU in one sitting. I couldn't tear myself away from any of these characters. The bad people herein were crafted so skillfully that I began to wonder if the authors dare turn out their lights at bedtime in fear that such people are really out there. At times, I was afraid to turn the page, not knowing what greater evil lay yet ahead. By books end, I was exhausted. The suspense had sapped me. A thrilling read throughout with a cast of good guys that you wish were in your weekly poker game. A corker!