Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Making It Up as You Go Along

6 Classic Series You Didn't Know Were Made Up on the Fly | "None of the film or TV series we're about to mention are bad -- we're not saying that. Some of them are great, even. But each of them was presented as having a master plan from the start, an overarching story or mystery that caused viewers to wait intently for the resolution, to see what the creators had in mind.

But time and time again, it turns out that the creators had nothing in mind at all, figuring they could throw out the mystery now and figure out the rest when it got closer to deadline."


Randy Johnson said...

I can't comment on anything but Star Wars as I've never watched any of the rest.

I knew all along Lucas' party line was a load of horse hockey. I was around at the beginning and bought the novel six months before the movie came out. Over the title were the words: From the adventures of Luke Skywalker.

It was obvious Solo was supposed to be a one-off character, but Lucas had to write him in when he proved so popular.

And that kissing sequence between Luke and Leia mentioned was a dead giveaway. if Lucas planned all along for them to be siblings, it starts to border on creepy.

Todd Mason said...

It was obvious to me from the original two-hour pilot of LOST that it was going to be a kludge. Yes, the original pilot was what was eventually shown as two discrete hours.

All these others were pretty obvious as well, as much as I followed them (never cared much about STAR WARS or BSG).