Thursday, March 03, 2011

I'm Repeating This Post . . .

. . . in a blatant effort to get a lot of you to click over to the site and show the folks at EQMM how powerful the blog is. So what are you waiting for? (By the way, the podcast is available for download on iTunes.)

As you should know by now Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazinehas a series of podcasts of writers reading their stories that appeared in the mag. At the last Bouchercon, Janet Hutchings, the editor, asked me if I'd read a story that I wrote for her long years ago. It would have to be done in my hotel room, without any preparation. (Notice how I'm sneaking in my excuses early.) Naturally I agreed. Now the podcast is live, and while there are a couple of tiny glitches, I did pretty well. I guess. I hate hearing myself, so I can barely listen. Maybe you don't feel the same, but even if you do, there are some real surprises here. They're integral to the introduction, but the secrets aren't revealed until the end of the podcast. If you're at all interested, you can click here and discover the answers for yourself. You might get one of them, but I'll bet one is going to be a surprise for sure.


Anonymous said...

You should have done a duet podcast with Joe Lansdale.

But then, EQMM might not have survived that.


Joan Reeves said...

Okay, Bill, I'm clicking over as soon as I finish typing.

BTW, just found out about Top Suspense. (Yes, I pretty much live under a rock.) That's excellent news. Hope it succeeds beyond belief.

Todd Mason said...

Listened last night--very good for a reading under less than ideal circumstances (you come off well, for example, in comparison to Allyn reading Howard in a studio), and the quartet selection was charming (I included that link in Of Related Interest in the ever-accreting "Tuesday" pile)...Janet Hutchings has a slightly tentative delivery in her introductions that, I'm sure, in no way indicates an uncertainty about the wisdom of being in that sideline. I don't think. Maybe. (Nope, no way to actually improve the joke, so stopping now.)

wv: gampi. It IS a gampi joke.

Cap'n Bob said...

I listened, and I read the original story way back when. I note the time on it was 35:22. It would have come in at 30 minutes exactly without the drawl. Tee-hee. Serially, you did a fine job. If I had to do a cold reading I'd sound like Stammering Sam. I also was hip to the surprise. That was good, too.