Monday, January 31, 2011

10 Politicians Who’ve Done Time

10 Politicians Who’ve Done Time


Todd Mason said...

And then there was Eugene Debs's 1920 campaign for for the Presidency as the Socialist Party candidate...he'd dared criticize US involvement in WWI, and that noble Wilson Admin had had him incarcerated for such treason. At least one set of campaign paraphernalia highlighted Debs's prisoner number. Debs received his largest simple vote total ever, if a smaller percentage than his 1912 total...running against Wilson, who claimed to be a reform candidate in winning against Theodore Roosevelt as the Progressive candidate and incumbent Taft as the Republican standard-bearer, coming in third (the broad-spectrum reformist Prohibition Party had their best showing that year, as well). Obama reminds entirely too much of Wilson, too much of the time, and if he's lucky, he'll be as overrated. Actually, it'll be difficult for Obama to be as overrated as Wilson.

Jerry House said...

I'd be more interested in an article on politicians who should do time.