Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Damn Near Dead 2 Update

I've received word that the DND2 stories by S. J. Rozan and Ed Gorman have been selected by Otto Penzler and Harlan Coben for inclusion in Best American Mystery Stories 2011. Congratulations to S. J. and Ed, and I hope you've all bought DND2 and read the stories there rather than waiting for the Best of. Because (trust me on this) the other stories are great, too.


David Cranmer said...

Fantastic news and well deserved.

Anonymous said...

I have it on my bedside table ready to go real soon now.

As the editor you of course deserve most of the credit. Congratulations!


Bill Crider said...

I get only reflected glory, but I'm happy with that.

Gerard said...

I still like the Reasoner and Smith stories best. With 30 stories in there I'm trying to remember Gorman's story without looking it up.