Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Decline of Western Civilization Continues Apace

AOL & Mark Burnett To Develop Comedic Shorts Based On CliffsNotes Books – Deadline.com: "AOL Inc., Mark Burnett, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. and Coalition Films have entered a digital production agreement to co-develop a series of comedic video shorts based on CliffsNotes Literature Guides, published by Wiley."


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a real knee slapper to me.

I can't wait for SILAS MARNER. The original had me in stiches for weeks!


Brent McKee said...

Mark Burnett hasn't had a good idea since "The Apprentice" and it looks like his streak is continuing. On the other hand he's rich and sleeping with Roma Downey, and I'm not so he must know something I don't.

Anonymous said...

I love how snobbish all of these lovers of literature are...

The truth is that these videos will reach a huge amount of kids who otherwise would have never been exposed to these classics.

Studies show (see Manga Shakespeare) that just getting a kid "excited" about Hamlet, Scarlett Letter, will eventually LEAD them to the source material.

Is that a crazy idea? That if you find a point of access, a kid who would otherwise be alienated by lit snobbery, finds his way in to the source?

I think this is a GREAT idea. If more of the characters, terms, and themes make into popular culture Western Civ would actually RISE from its squalor.

Who would you rather kids talk about? Paris Hilton or Lady Macbeth?