Friday, February 04, 2011

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

Island to be staffed exclusively by blondes | "Olialia (pronounced 'Ooh La La') is hoping that by opening a resort in the exotic Indian Ocean destination staffed entirely by fair-haired women, they can dispel the stereotype that blondes are ‘less intelligent’."

But there was a problem:

'Blonde women only' Maldives island hits snag as half of staff need wigs | "A holiday resort on an island in the Maldives which bosses plan to staff using only blonde women is facing a major problem, but it's not over discrimination - nearly half their staff actually have dark hair and will need wigs."

But not to worry:

"Never fear though, Mr Drooling Businessman, your 'blonde-only' haven still looks set to become a reality.

Brand manager Lauryna Anuseviciut said Olialia are going to navigate the rather significant problem by ensuring any employees with dark hair wear a wig."

Wig, er, hat tip to Jeff Meyerson.


Jerry House said...

Should have checked with Paul Bishop. He would have told them that there's trouble with blondes.

Gerard said...

Does the merkin match the hairpiece?

Cap'n Bob said...

Years ago I dated a blonde who worked at a Mexican restaurant and had to wear a black wig.