Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Melissa Mia Hall

Melissa Mia Hall died last week. She was a Texas writer and someone Judy and I were acquainted with, having met her at conventions over the years. She was in considerable pain last week, but that didn't stop her from sending Judy a card to wish her well in her own current medical adventures. And then she died. It's a sad story about a fine woman. You can read about it here: The Lipstick Chronicles: The Least Among Us


Scott Cupp said...

This death is so senseless. If she had been able to afford healthcare or a doctor visit, she would probably be here today. And there are politicians congratulating themselves that they are beating down the chances of universal coverage. Makes me mad. Melissa was a good person and friend to us both and we will miss her.

Todd Mason said...

I knew of her only as an impressive writer...thanks for the bad news...I don't know if I dare read the entry at Lipstick yet this morning...condolences.

Anonymous said...

And yet Snooki has had a book published and is undoutedly making a fortune.