Friday, February 04, 2011

Larry the Cable Guy to Host History Channel Show

Larry the Cable Guy to host History Channel show : "Dan Whitney, aka Larry the Cable Guy, will be filming episodes for a new History Channel show during his current five-month national tour. Tentatively titled, The United States of Larry, the show will find the hugely successful blue collar comedian criss-crossing the nation interviewing folks with interesting jobs, hobbies and ways of life.

Larry revealed that participating in a Civil War reenactment and learning how moonshine is made are just two of the activities he’ll be partaking in."

I was going to say, "The decline of Western Civilization continues apace," but then I realized that I'd written books about both those topics.


Cap'n Bob said...

I don't think this is a bad idea. They might even visit a gator farm. Speaking of which, did you hear about the obstacle course built over a gator farm? Sounds right up your alley, Bill.

Deb said...

I reckon Larry the Cable Guy will fit right in with the History Channel since when they are not airing "Pawn Stars" wall-to-wall, their basic line-up seems to consist of shows about Bible prophecies, UFOs, and anything featuring a Hitler home movie.