Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Blast from the Past -- Toni L. P. Kelner

Tilda Harper writes "where are they now" articles for various entertainment magazines on a free-lance basis. In Blast from the Past, she's invited to the set of Pharos, based on a obscure comic book whose mysterious author has remained unknown for many years. The movie's lead is John Laryea, who once starred in The Blastoffs, a Saturday morning live-action show that lasted only one season.

Tilda's invited to the set because security is being provided by the company owned by the father of her ex-boyfriend. The father seems to hope that Tilda and his son will get back together if they're around each other all the time. The limo driver for the company turns out to be Pete Ellis, Laryea's co-star in The Blastoffs, though no one recognizes him except Tilda.

When Laryea's assistant is killed by someone driving the limo, Pete's the natural suspect. Tilda thinks he's innocent, and she does some amateur sleuthing to find out what really happened. In the meantime, she's also been given the job of tracking down the author of Pharos, which proves to be a tricky task.

You know Kelner must have had fun writing this book because not only does she get to write an entertaining mystery but along the way gets to create both a Saturday morning show from years ago and a comic book. She really fleshes them out and makes them seem real. Someone might offer her a new job after reading this novel. One thing I particularly liked was that the two characters on The Blastoffs are named Sid and Marty.

Blast from the Past is fast and fun. Check it out.

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